Show 15: Where's My Plague Of Locusts?

The Awkward Sons of Patrick St... // 2000-2100 05.01.12

show 15: where's my plague of locusts?

The eschaton. Yawm ad-Din. The end of days.

2012 is supposed to be the start of the good shit, right? We've all seen John Cusack having a ball out-running gaping maws and getting the girl. It looks fucking brilliant! (No mention of how the smarmy cunt survived a post-apocalyptic Africa, though... That's the sequel we're all holding out for.)

The last era of genuine apocalyptic dread was probably the '80s. Fuck the millennium - only computer programmers and total wallys got worked up about that one. The '80s had Reagan, Thatcher and the constant threat of pre-emptive nuclear strikes. And Threads. Obviously. Good times.

It made total sense that dayglow, coke-fuelled singalongs were the soundtrack to just getting on with it. But scratch the surface, and some of the most inventive, forward-thinking music of anyone's lifetime was being made in the miserable safety of bunkers and basements the world over.

Blunt, proto-techno drum programming, post-industrial synth/effects abuse and insanely warped, pitch-black nuclear pop hooks - it was without doubt one of the most amazing periods in electronic music history. Suicide and Throbbing Gristle had a fuck-load to answer for.

So we've gone trawling through the irradiated, paranoid depths of the Awkward vaults (lead-sealed, obviously) to bring you a 60-minute mix of city-flattening, culture-erasing audio fallout. Most of this shit still sounds utterly fucking timeless, and makes a whole load of modern electronic music sound like a whimpering, self-induced almost-gasm.

That said, there's still a few cunts plumbing the fear and keeping it fresh, so we had to throw them in, too. No fucking revivalists, mind.

Time to wind up the old Doomsday Clock...

Posted at 16:33, 4th January 2012


I Adore You
German Shepherds M&S Music
Zerkalo Frustrated Funk
psyche New Rose
Radio Lines
Storung Clogsontronics
Get Away Dark Side
Roter Rot Schallter
Horno Fundidor (demo)
Esplendor Geometrico EGK
Somnambulist Central Tapes
Los Iniciados DRO
Doxa Sinistra Trumpet
Thought Broadcast Hierodule
ET (Her Head Is Breakin Intu Foor)
Carlos Peron Konkurrenz
His Forte
Sympathy Nervous Minimal Wave
Re-education Through Labour
Chris & Cosey Conspiracy
Pompeii Spared (Original Demo Version)
crash course in science Vinyl On Demand
Far Away From My Own Land
Pseudo Code Sandwich
We Are One
Scorpion Violente Avant!

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