Show 23: Yr Ma Sells Hotdogs Down The Road

The Awkward Sons of Patrick St... // 2300-0000 28.04.11

show 23: yr ma sells hotdogs down the road

Once again abandoned in my weekly hour of need by that bastard Chris, I'll mainly be rattling through the best music that I've came across recently. Joining me in the studio (and ensuring that we remain completely mute) will be Gary NASA, so get yr filthy ears abused by the likes of Christina Carter, HTRK and Hype Williams to name but a few.

Posted at 20:17, 28th April 2011


Pale Rose Cream
Christina Carter Unknown
Over The Edge
The Wipers Unknown
Ben Frost Bedroom Community
Joy Division Factory
Throwing Back The Apple
Pale Saints 4AD
Untitled (02)
Hype Williams Carnivals
Bassbin Twins bassbin
Your Mistress Turns To Dust
HTRK Unknown
In The Dark Places
PJ Harvey

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