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Show 26: I Smell Tar

The Awkward Sons of Patrick Stewart
27th June 2013
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The Awkward Sons of Patrick St... // 2300-0000 24.05.12

show 26: i smell tar

Fuck, The Awkward Sons have missed you. We needed a break, we know, but that never stopped it hurting.

Days spent in our pants on the sofa, inexorably adding to the growing pile of tear-soaked ring-pulls on the floor didn't do anything for our self esteem. But we're over all that now. We've grown. We've matured. So it's time we came crawling back, begging for clemency.

But we couldn't come empty-handed. A peace offering for our weeks of neglect seemed like the decent thing to do. And what a fucking offering it is...

Strap your gigantic asses in for 60 minutes of primitive 1950s proto-techno, a brand new studio battering from Japan's greatest export (Fushitsusha, obviously!), some tour-only 7" action from Sublime Frequencies, skin-peeling acid psych from way back when, a bunch of home-made Australian instrument blurt and prime meat from the new Shackleton box set.

Hop in the shower, sweet thing. We'll be right over.

Posted at 18:23, 24th May 2012


Furia Finders Keepers
The Visitor From Inner Space
Tom Dissevelet and Kid Balton Philips
The Forest Of Black
Dirty Filthy Mud Worex
Sky Needle Independent Exhibitions
Yell At The Moon
John Terlazzo Turtle Beach
(Shire Ru) Toiukoto
Fushitsusha Heartfast
Sound Of A Dream Kissing
Suzanne Ciana Finders Keepers
Yekermo Sew
Hayvanlar Alemi Sublime Frequencies
Tom Fazzini A-Mission
(For The) Love Of Weeping
Shackleton Woe to The Septic Heart!
Bill Dixon and Tony Oxley Soul Note
The Murdered Brother
John Jacob Niles RCA Camden
My Bleeding Wound
The New Year Sexual Harassment
Overture (Konditionsmuzik)
Seesselberg Plate Lunch
Trial By Seperation
The Shallows Flying Nun

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