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Show 23: Seven Awkward Inches

The Awkward Sons of Patrick St... // 2300-0020 29.03.12

show 23: seven awkward inches

So I've spent ages trying to think of something funny to write about 7"s. And the cock jokes just won't cut it.

Anyway, no dice. Moving on...

Tonight, it's nothing but 7" singles. Everyone fucking loves them, right?

OK, getting up every 3-4 minutes to change a record is nobody's idea of a go-to good-time, but you're pretty much guaranteed a rinse.

You either cut straight to the meat, getting the best shit from the full-length, or you get landed with the weird shit that wouldn't fit on the album in the first place. Either way, sorted.

Then there's the one-offs, the bands that just disappeared after about 6 minutes of speaker time. They're pretty much always great, eh?

All that, plus keeping it concise usually ups the fat-trimming ante - no room for any floppy thighs here. And they're cheap. All in all, pretty much the perfect format.

So expect tour-only gold from former Harry Pussy amp-burner Bill Orcutt, a wild oud and synth duo from Keith Fullerton Whitman, a Flemish cover of Fever from DDV (of Club Moral fame), raw as balls droning African folk with harmonies pulled straight from the fucking heavens and a whole load of obscure psych, garage, no wave and post punk.

Tool up, sweet thing. Shit is kicking off.

Posted at 11:29, 29th March 2012


Lucifer Sam (Pink Floyd cover)
Carter Tutti Fractured
Beirut Slump Migraine
Red Asphalt
Red Asphalt Egg and Anvil
Takamba Mississippi/Sahel Sounds
Be Forewarned
Macabre Intermedia
Bedward The Flying Preacher Man
Prince Far I sound boy
Is Suicide A Solution?
Coil Clawfist
Men/Eject White Label
The Third Eye
The Dovers Miramar
A King Or Something
Bill Orcutt Palilalia
Lady Coca Cola
Metal Urbain Cobra
Dark Disco - Da. Da. Da. Da. Da. Run.
Perfect Mother Vanity
Plast Stranded
Variations For Oud and Synthesizer (I)
Keith Fullerton Whitman White Label
Koorts (Little Willie John cover)
DDV Ultra Eczema
Rotten Sun
Skullflower Toejam
Onward Christian Soldiers
Circle X White Label

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