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Show 24: TDK C60 - A Tascam Tribute

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27th June 2013
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The Awkward Sons of Patrick St... // 2300-0000 05.04.12

show 24: tdk c60 - a tascam tribute

After last week’s 7” special, this week is all about the tapes.

From the post-punk cassette culture explosion in the late 70s, through to a pretty huge format revival in the early/mid 2000s (largely spurred on by the US noise underground), tapes have always been a favourite format for cash-strapped counter-cultures.

They’re cheap to buy, cheap to copy, and with a huge DIY distribution network at your fingertips, you can get seriously fucking creative with everything from the actual sonics through to the artwork (my favourite being a used condom wrapped in tissue – thanks, A Band!)

So, no worries about whether Walmart are going to stock it and how you’re going to front the green for that Ross Robinson production.

Much like 7” singles, this is where you find the weirdest, most off-the-map shit going.

Tonight, we’re casting the net wide, so expect heart-breaking psychedelic folk from Thailand, 10-year-old dead baby blues from Human Skab, a quick dip into the Mississippi Records tape archive, Robbie Basho’s last album before his chiropractor broke his neck, absurdist a capella sex noise from Dylan Nyoukis, Arthur Brown getting it on with Suicide’s producer, and a whole bunch of post-industrial pant-stretchers.


Posted at 14:15, 5th April 2012


Day I Was Born (Part Two)
Attrition Irre Tapes
Twilight Peaks
Robbie Basho The Art of Relaxation
Polyhymnia and The Philanthropenis...
Mixed Band Philanthropist Hypnagogia
State To Be In
Fetus Productions Flying Nun
New TG 2 (Side A)
Throbbing Gristle Flowmotion
Beyond The Shadow Of A Doubt
Sonny Day Mississippi
Screamin' Demon
Human Skab Unsigned
Severed Head In A Bag Unsigned
Stahlbau ARPH Tapes
Morning Was Cold
Arthur Brown and Craig Leon Ding Dong Records And Tapes
Sai Naen Na Kaen
Khana Phet Ubon Man-Pac
The Tree Is Tabled
Dylan Nyoukis My Dance The Skull
Ronald Reagan
The Klinik MAM-Aufnahme
Posing For A New Role
Heather Leigh Wish Image
Curse Of The Black Flame
Zom Invictus
Dallas Police Radio Band This Strange Little Cricket
Warm Leeches Dance (Side A)
Amok ADN

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