Show 2: Real-Life Horrorshow

The Awkward Sons of Patrick St... // 0200-0300 28.10.10

show 2: real-life horrorshow

No-holds barred horror show. None of your witches and wizards, just genuine real-life horror.

60 minutes of audio exploitation, genocide, death and other light-hearted subjects. The perfect soundtrack for your withering grief.

Posted at 18:21, 26th October 2010


Rectum (Irreversible OST)
Thomas Bangalter Roulé
Husker Du SST
DJ Smurf Digital Overkill
Anal Desire
Brainbombs Wabana
See Through
Arthur Russell Audika
In My Time of Dying
Lydia Lunch ft. Roland S. Howard Atavistic
Is Suicide a Solution?
Coil Clawfist
In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country
Boards Of Canada Warp
The Dead C Precious Metal
Song for the Elderly
Pyha tUMULt
Duvid, Shpiel Dus Noch Amul
Dave Tarras Wergo, Germany
Who Killed Marilyn?
Misfits Caroline
There Is No Shower
Diagram Brothers Construct
One Night In New York City (Chris Liebing Remix)
The Horrorist CLR

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