Show 20: Horse-Proof Bacon

The Awkward Sons of Patrick St... // 2300-0005 23.02.12

show 20: horse-proof bacon

Tony's clandestine operations have taken centre-stage again, so I'll be grinding on alone till the heat dies down.

4-year-old Christian preachers, fuzzed-out garage/psych rarities, low-budget dub electro, harrowing a capella blues, amazing new gear from Richard Youngs and the usual load of blown-out post punk fuck-ups.

No theme or anything like that, just hit after hit after hit.

As Katy Fitzgerld once said, it doesn't get better than this.

Posted at 17:46, 23rd February 2012


Action Woman
The Litter Scotty
You'd Better Get Ready
Marjoe Gortner Unknown
November Novelet Galakthorrö
She Was A Visitor
Minimal Man Monster Music
Bill Dixon White Label
Main Attrakionz Type
Gary Smith and Silvia Kastel and Ninni Morgia Ultramarine
Come To Die (Son's Take)
Jo Ann Kelly and Son House and Woody Man Catfish UK
World As One
Sam Spence Finders Keepers
Monitor World Imitation
Electronic Terrorism
Haus Arafna Galakthorrö
Wake Up (live)
Flirt of Fiasco Spex Magazine
Walk Upon The Land
Collie Ryan Sebastian Speaks
Use Humans Instead
Coup De Grace Inner-X-Musick
Thumbquake and Earthscrew
A To Austr Holy Ground
The Sea of Providence
Richard Youngs Root Strata
A Medical Man
Renaldo and The Loaf Ralph Records
New Wave Twist
The Tom and Marty Band Artifacts
Neva Hicaz Gazel
Ayola Sonmez Honest Jon’s
Jug A Jug Song
Doug Jerebine Drag City

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