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Show 27: Contraband Christian Plum

The Awkward Sons of Patrick Stewart
26th June 2013
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The Awkward Sons of Patrick St... // 2200-2306 14.06.12

show 27: contraband christian plum

Fucking hell - after 18 hours of planes, trains and tit-ripping airport boredom, The Awkward Sons are right back on it, primed and ready to romance your incredible stones.

An extended blast of white light, white heat, Moroccan mountain hash and skull-shaving Sufi trance music definitely takes something out of you, though. Or that might have been the feverish, arse-emptying cramps. Who knows.

So, in honour of the oldest - and wildest - rock and roll band on the planet (, tonight's show is all about the hidden amp-wrecking gems you never got around to rinsing.

Expect mind-blowing off the radar psych, stupidly rare garage 45s, fuzz-scorched one hit blunders, power trio dancefloor rippers and the odd reverb-heavy wounded teenage weep-out.

If the acid underbelly of late 60s/70s counterculture gets your gape on, you've got to know by now that The Awkward Sons have it all sewn up for you.

Lights down and light up - this one's going to be fucking feral.

Posted at 13:23, 14th June 2012


Moustache In Your Face
The Pretty Unknown
Melvin Laid An Egg
Bloodrock Capitol
Real Crazy Apartment
Winston's Fumbs RCA Victor
Rumour Has It
Todd Tamanend Clark Anopheles
Pieces Of Me
Linda Hoyle Vertigo
Hard Times, Good Times
Zoo Riviera
He Will Come, He Will Come
Elpida Pan-Vox
There She Goes
The J & B Polydor
Black Sabbath
Coven Mercury
Lysergic Acid Diethylamide
Gypsy Moth Unknown
One Way Spit
Debris PIG
Acid Dreams
The Monsters Voodoo Rhythm
Let It Grow
Iron Claw Rockadrome
The Electric Insides & Metal Complexion...
The Riders Of Mark Unknown
Back Off Evil
Dirty Tricks Polydor
Mariza Koch Unknown
It's A Gas
The Hombres Verve Forecast
Does It Really Matter?
The Glass Opening Plexium
The Bible
D. R. Hooker On

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