Show 7: All Jacket, No Pants

The Awkward Sons of Patrick Stewart
27th June 2013
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21st January 2013
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The Awkward Sons of Patrick St... // 2300-0000 06.10.11

show 7: all jacket, no pants

It's a rainy day, sunshine girl, so take the phone off the hook, pull the duvet up and spread your ear flaps for some more awkward intimacy. It's going to go something like this.

Overtone-heavy electric blues straight off Alan Licht's Minimal Top 10 list.

Psilocybin mushroom rituals from the throat of a Mexican curandera.

Heart-bursting '50s doo-wop drenched in eternal echo.

And devotional bedroom electronics with a massive stonker for Terry Riley's never-recorded krautrock masterpiece.

Just another hour with your favourite Awkward Sons.

I'm sweating already.

Posted at 20:21, 6th October 2011


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