2100-2200 19.05.09


shinning night
Willie Rosario Honest Jon’s
Peter King Orbitone
choca la caderas (seven Samurai edit)
Otto De Rojas G.A.M.M.
never half step
Clap Rules Tiny Sticks
s-s-single bed
Fox Warner Bros.
dance boy dance
Alexander Robotnick Artofdisco
woof woof
Dan Deacon Carpark
audrey's dance
Thomas Truax sl
je me bien aupres de toi
Sylvie Vartan and Petula Clarke White Label
wordless blues
Ray Christoph's New Sound Sonorama
ride your pony
Lee Dorsey EMI
could'nt get it right
Climax Blues Band Chrysalis
Tha Kee Tha Tha
Five Letters Strut
Just a dance show with a wee bit of weird in the middle...just wanted to get some disco records on the week perhaps a sad one??

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