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Seals, dogs, pet hamsters, other humans...

Paper Mache // 1800-1900 23.01.11

how dangerous is a seal?

Is a seal the biggest threat to our nation's children? Is Obama saving the US economy by robbing Swiss banks? What is public hair? Had World War III begun? Is the legal system too complicated? Is zebra meat stripey? Are Specsavers stealing your mail?

These are questions. Paper Mache is answers.

Posted at 23:09, 23rd January 2011


Left Brain Prisoner
The Echo Session Flowers In The Dustbin
Andy Coulson: “When a spokesman needs a spokesman, it’s time to go”
The ‘Fiscal Tax Policy’
Is Zebra meat stripey?
The Beginning of the Show: Non-News
Seal, dog, pet hamster, other human... in that order - things most likely to eat a child.
Specsavers divert people’s post.
The Winter news colander - catching what we missed
“Give me the mail and get out of here”
Chief puts public hair in beagle.
Two types of hair costs extra.
A funny antidote
George sues every woman he’s ever found attractive
Seals, dressed as clowns, juggling hamsters - a child’s worst nightmares
Racist seahorses
“That would’ve been an angle in the Evil Press”
Herpes Story Time:
"We took it to a local bird expert who has treated alcoholised birds before and she has been giving it lots of water."
10:12 - Sex O’Clock
‘A spokesman for sex said...’
17% of people have most of their sex not in a bed.
Nikky, in low state, found downloading Harry Potter
Israel clear up the Gaza thing, and say that everything they did was legal.
George’s legal reform: Two tier legal approach. Criminals caught. Government saves millions.
Barack Obama robs banks in the US
Left Brain Prisoner
The Echo Session Flowers In The Dustbin

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