One More Tune - part XXXXIII (Oxfam Music Gold)

One More Tune // 1300-1400 15.02.11

oxfam gold

Well I needed a cheesy-old-vinyl fix so got myself to Oxfam early this morning. What did I find? Well, cheesy 90s house, r&b, hip-hop and some scratchy funk/soul which i'll leave til another time. Some admitted shockers in this set but the rule was Oxfam Music only. No bad for an hour / £17 investment. And beware! Some of these will return in clubs near you soon(ish).

Support your local 2nd hand charity shop, not just because it'll make you feel morally mighty (fuck dat) but because, if you look hard enough, THERE'S GOLD IN THEM THAR CRATES.

music = hope


cheers to Ben Hackman who was a total leg end at saturday's party - we'll invite you back very soon, pal.

Posted at 14:12, 15th February 2011


This is how we do it
Montell Jordan Def Jam
As One Shield
Dance With Me
112 Bad Boy
Mama (Remix)
Titles MBG
Resist (Jason Jinx's Head Strong Mix)
Roland Clark Fluential
Feels Like Heaven (Good Girls Remix)
Kerry Anne Martin Almost
Life In Mono
Mono Echo
No Better Love
Young Gunz Roc-A-Fella
Money (Poisonous Crew Mix)
Jamelia Parlophone
Trust Me
JC EastWest
Jadakiss Ruff Ryders
Get Right
J-Lo White Label
Warm It Up (Chocolate Rust Remix)
Joy For Life Stress
Get Into The Groove
Madonna Sire

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