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OneMoreTune celebrates the best in recorded music - electronic and acoustic and everything inbetween. One More Tune is sweet as hell but it certainly won't rot your brain. One More Tune means fresh underground music as well as life affirming classics get played together. One More Tune means local Glasgow artists get played next to stuff from the other side of the world. One More Tune loves one man and his guitar music, two geeks and their software synths music and six girls and their theremins music all the same - whether old or new. One More Tune aims to leave you with that wide smile and happy glow (you know like when you open up a new record) to last the whole week.


One More Tune // 18.03.12 // OMT show 61 with Slickt & Hector House

Matthew OMT welcomes Slickt & Hector House from WAKE to spin some vinyl ahead of the much anticipated Untold night on the last Friday of this month.!/events/230796663684143/

Posted at 17:44, 18th March 2012

one more tune feb 2012

One More Tune // 19.02.12 // One More Tune Feb 2012

One More Tune is back.... at the weekend! For our next adventure we will be hosting a one off party in Ad-Lib.

Matthew and Ralph (Define Define) will be hosting the whole evening bringing a healthy standard of tunes from old to new, from Prince to Prince Club & feeding them through the ever excellent B.A.S.S Alliance Sound-System.

We have shed loads of new music for todays show as we look forward to our next event.

Posted at 16:10, 19th February 2012

one more tune with slow it down

One More Tune // 02.10.11 // One More Tune with Slow It Down


In anticipation to our first themed night in the Buff Club 'One Night In NYC' we have an exclusive mix from our guests Slow It Down that will be aired live on the show. We plan to transform the Buff into a hip joint in downtown NYC on Thursday and lay the funk down on Bath lane as if it was in the big Apple itself. Enjoy.

Posted at 16:44, 2nd October 2011

chungo bungo & define define (episode 57)

One More Tune // 04.09.11 // One More Tune 4th Birthday Show

OMT = 4 Thursday, 8th September / The Buff Club, Bath Lane / With Define Define / Patchwork / David Stone / Drinks from £1.60 / £4 entry

Four years already? No chance, however, we're getting misty-eyed. For this special bday episode we've invited our pals Chungo Bungo down to join us. It's also our first show of 2011/12 and we're on a monthly two hour slot noo.

Music is Hope

Posted at 16:02, 4th September 2011

shaun b2b matthew

One More Tune // 10.05.11 // Fifty Three

Two More Tunes Mosca Define Define Art School Saturday 14th May £5

Posted at 14:41, 10th May 2011

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