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Fun Louder!

One Louder // 1600-1800 15.11.08

what would ed cobb do?

He would tune in to One Louder TODAY at 4-6pm!

Posted at 15:30, 15th November 2008


Too Much to Dream Last Night
The Electric Prunes Rhino
Dream Baby
Roy Orbison London
We Sell Soul
The Spades Charly
Les Cactus
Jacques Dutronc Disques Vogue
Pretty Little Angel Eyes
Cutis Lee London
Shimmy shimmy coco bop
Little Anthony and the Imperials EMD
I Got Abducted by a UFO
The Lillingtons Clearview
The Lie Detectors Unsigned
Zero Zero UFO
Ramones Chrysalis
Boys from Nowhere Garage Sale
The Knickerbockers Rhino
Can I get a Witness
Steve Aldo Decca
My Little Red Book
The Standells Tower
Honey Bee Lets Fly to Mars
Grinderman Mute
Gimme Danger
Iggy and the Stooges Columbia
She's a Snake
Deadbolt Headhunter
Under the Wires
The Cramps A&M
Statin Bow
The Bucky Rage Northern Cowboy
Poison Ivy
The Paramounts Disky
Pushing Too Hard
The Vibrators
Harmony in My Head
The Buzzcocks United Artists
Sick on You
The Boys Captain Oi!
I'm on Fire
Chelsea Castle
See Her Tonight
The Damned Castle
Something that I Said
The Ruts Virgin
The Meteors 3d
Batmobile Count Orlok
Snap, Crackle and Hiss
13 Cats Cleopatra
Lovinest Lovin'
Dub Dickerson Flame
Start Me Up
Toots and the Maytals Madacy Special
Please Don't Leave Me
Screamin' Jay Hawkins Philips
The Riverdales
The Weather is Here, Wish you were Beautiful
The Mr. T Experience Lookout!
So Cool
Teenage Bottlerocket Red Scare

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