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nosleep.feat GPMG

NoSleep Subcity 2012 part 2
15th June 2012
nosleep. vs off sonar :)
11th May 2012
nosleep feat. Juniper (underground quality)
27th April 2012
nosleep.feat GPMG
13th April 2012
nosleep. feat Will Saul
6th April 2012
nosleep feat. jonny ang moogie
30th March 2012
nosleep. w/ kai von glasow
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No Sleep // 1900-2100 27.04.12

nosleep.feat gpmg

nosleep returns to subcity after a week's sabaticle to welcome the GPMG guys on the show. Guilty pleasures of mother goose is one of the newest and freshest additions to the glasgow clubbing scene. Here s a short bio for those of you who are unfamiliar with these guys:-

The Guilty Pleasures of Mother Goose Presents:

Bringing our unhinged, quirky, imaginative parties to Glasgow.

Showcasing the best DJ's/Producers in House & Techno from around the world, Guilty Pleasures of Mother Goose (GPMG) nestles snugly into the intimate confines of the newly refurbished Saint Judes. The night brings together a host of creative minds and dedicated patrons of Glasgow’s eclectic clubbing community, aiming to give the city a Balearic-style party atmosphere, while keeping the music at the forefront.

I am particularly excited about this show as I recently saw GPMG resident dj jA'MES play for the first time at the st judes weekender and i felt his set was a stand out from a strong field of local talent.

Join us 7-9 for what should be a wicked show/nosleep residents on hand to provide your usual helpin of all thing deep and meaningful :)

Posted at 09:36, 27th April 2012


Some body should have told you
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Roger Gerressen inked jester
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