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NMC is basically music perversion. We try and play as eclectic a mix as possible. Playing some of the best music from the last 50 years and beyond. The catch being that every week we have a vote for listeners to participate and get one song thrown in the bin. This feature is called Ruff Wiv Da Smoove. Two songs head to head (both absolute shockers). The song with the least amount of votes is played. The other is chucked in the bin.


nmc back again

Northern Music Collective // 28.02.10

After a wee break due to technical problems on the NMC laptop. We will have the usual amazing selection of tunes for you to boogie on down to or whatever it the kids say these days.

tonight 11pm

Posted at 14:31, 28th February 2010


Northern Music Collective // 07.02.10

As not having a vote was soooooooooooooooooooo successful then this weekend I won't have one again. Mainly because I am too busy n that and BT messed up my connection. It will still be an awesome show that you will love OK.

Posted at 08:47, 6th February 2010

the next enthralling episode of the nmc

Northern Music Collective // 31.01.10

No ruff wiv da smoove this sunday but there will be a cracking show.

We'll be discussing whether or not Bon Jovi fans are an urban myth.

Posted at 20:02, 29th January 2010

the return of the nmc

Northern Music Collective // 24.01.10

Finally a return for one of subcity's favourite shows. This weeks show will feature a vote between Jermaine Stewart and Shalamar. One of them must go in the bin.

Plus some of the best tunes from the last 50 odd years. I bet you can't wait. It will be freaking awesome.

Posted at 13:10, 24th January 2010

another show woooop wooop

Northern Music Collective // 28.09.09

A Bank holiday Monday genre busting show and guess what there is no ruff wiv da smoove this week. So no rubbish tunes to throw in the bin. Just quality tunes from the last 50 odd years and different genres to whet your appetite. Tune in a let me know what you think.

Posted at 22:40, 27th September 2009

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