The most recent episode for this show was broadcast on the 17th February 2010

Noiseland Arcade

2200-2300 05.01.10


Swan Song
Down Elektra
The Sweetest Curse
Baroness Relapse
Swamped and Agitated
Young Widows Temporary Residence
Rock-N-Roll Victim
Death Drag City
Torche Hydra Head
Swans Young Gods
Constant Fear
Bohren & Der Club of Gore Ipecac
You're a Million
The Raincoats Rough Trade
Just As The Day Was Dawning
Big Business Hydra Head
Knut Hydra Head
Darlings of New Midnight
These Arms Are Snakes Jade Tree
Dancing on the Face of the Panther
Planes Mistaken Stars No Idea
Electric Wizard Rise Above

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