The most recent episode for this show was broadcast on the 17th February 2010

Noiseland Arcade

0200-0300 09.12.09


Girl in the Slayer Jacket
Pig Destroyer Relapse
five, ten, fifty-fold
Cocteau Twins 4AD
Beneath the Crust
Black Breath Southern Lord
Heavy metal addict
Boris Southern Lord
Cruel Bloom
Converge Epitaph
Vexed and Vomit Hexed
Leviathan Moribund Cult
Articulated silences part 2.
Stars Of The Lid Kranky
What we all come to need
Pelican Southern Lord
It took the night to believe
Sunn 0))) Southern Lord
Grizzly Bear Warp
March of the Fire Ants
Mastodon Relapse

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