The most recent episode for this show was broadcast on the 17th February 2010

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sludge // dirtyrock // posthardcore // irreverence // brutality

Each week, Noiseland Arcade will be bringing aural atonement to the ears of anyone who wants a cross section of intense, passionate, forward thinking tunes from whatever genre touched me in the places my undies cover that week, be it the menacing acoustic rumblings of The Angels of Light, the calculated esoteric dirge of Om, the cyber-grind of Pig Destroyer or the sun drenched, psychedelic freak outs of Sleepy Sun. Pretension will be checked at the door, no 20 minute Sunn0))) epics here chief! What we're serving up is sludge, post hardcore, doom metal, classics, soon-to-be-classics, irreverent banter, new release information, shameless + completely biased opinions, Chevy Chase appreciation, relentless Caddyshack references and more. There may be features. Then again, there may not. Tune in and find out kiddies!