The most recent episode for this show was broadcast on the 23rd September 2010

It doesn't matter what you think

negative creep // 2300-0100 23.09.10

negi creep 1

Diy hardcore, keeping it negi.

Posted at 00:46, 19th September 2010


Blood Will Be Shed
Broken Oath ghost city
Jagged Visions of My True Destiny
Integrity Victory
Hatred Surge Rescued From Life
Broken Not Bound
Curb Crawl DIY
Your Life is a Joke
Vaccine painkiller
Neptunes Navy
Battle of Wolf 359 DIY
Noone Will Ever Miss You
Gehenna king of the monsters
My Friends Fucking Rule
Get Rad DIY
White Guilt DIY
Klan Scouts
Weekend Nachos Cowabunga!
Don't Find Me
Mind Eraser painkiller
Don't Find Me
Mind Eraser painkiller
Happy Puppet
Groundwork Bloodlink
Harm's Way DIY
Skin Graft
Left For Dead No Idea
Under The Crosses
California Love DIY
Unashamed tooth & nail
Turn Away
Abolition Carry The Weight
Enewetak crawlspace
Fear and Loathing Among The Working Classes
Unruh king of the monsters
Iron Halo
Rot In Hell grot
More Violence In Hardcore
Voorhees chainsaw safety
Steps of Chruches
Cold Sweat DIY
Irong Lung / Walls / Pig Heart Transplant iron lung
Look Back and Laugh (Minior Threat cover)
Drunkdriver drone errant
Sexually Transmitted Text Message
Drug Problem DIY
Vomiting Mirrors
Clockcleaner stained circles
Sing Round
Closure 30 days of night
Shut Up And Suffer
Ecoli stress domain
My Own Hell / Watching This World Burn
Eating Glass DIY
The Final Comedown
Clocked Out DIY
1000 Daggers
Burning Scars of Betrayal DIY
1000 Daggers
Burning Scars of Betrayal DIY
Keep Your Mouth Shut
Terror reflections
Divide DIY
This Is Our Life
Future X Waves DIY

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