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The Prauns Of The Situation

NASA // 1800-2000 14.11.11

the prauns of the situation

With Jamie away on parent/teacher duties, Gary Nasa fills in as a substitute of sorts on show-manning duties opting to go through the trawl through the not-listened-to-nearly-enough vinyl route rather than tie the whole thing together with some sort of vague concept. Expect some Forced Nostalgia, some Kosmiche derived Synth nonsense, a spot of Skwee and a dollop of old Mississippi Blues for your pleasure....

Posted at 19:06, 14th November 2011


Amazing & Wonderful
Peaking Lights Not Not Fun Records
Pump Forced Nostalgia
Receiving Mirages
Le Reveletuer Gneiss Things
All I Need
Clams Casino Type
Lotus Flower
Radiohead (SBTRTK RMX) Waste
Rise Up
Hype Williams Hypercolour
Fennesz Editions Mego
Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
Fred McDowell Mississipi
Echasketch Futuresequence
Pull Up To Bumper
Grace Jones Island
One Twenty Detail
Jimmy Edgar !K7
Golden Diva
Flying Lotus Warp
Byetone Raster Norton
Uni Dia
Alva Noto Raster Norton
Dream & Machine
Sun Dogs White Label
Yellow Echoez
Cloudland Canyon Holy Mountain
As The Crow Flies
The Advisory Circle Ghost Box
Seefeel Warp
Orc Borg
Mrs Qeada Harmönia
Something Will Be Ok Soon
Rigas Den Andre & Spartan Lover Harmönia
Eero Johannes Harmönia

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