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Policing the audio galaxy since 2005.

The nasa show is all about musical extremes and aims to showcase all kinds of music from unobtrusive ambient & minimal to upfront slamming dance tracks.

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dead cities

NASA // 27.03.13 // Dead Cities

Baltimora Nasa spazez!

Tonights transmission: Dead Cities. Where Cyberpunk meets Hautological, bleak ambience inside a knackered house. Inspired by the Icy cityscape that surrounds us, we play some music that conjures up images of abandoned warehouses, night buses and being shouted at from across the street by an angry tramp at 6am on your way to work. Music for those long walks in the dark!

Posted at 16:57, 27th March 2013

mbv / kevin shields special

NASA // 13.03.13 // MBV / Kevin Shields Special

With their recent album and u.k tour constituting something of a mecha-blizzard of activity for MBV, the NASA boyz get busy pouring through the Kevin Shields archives in search of forgotten trinkets, rough diamonds and mordbid curiositys for the eager completist. We discover that despite his reputation for the contrary, 'Big Kev' has infact been doing some work in the intervening 25 years or so and that most of it is predicatbly awesome. We also played the collaboration he done with Paul Weller. Sorry about that.

Posted at 07:41, 14th March 2013


NASA // 16.01.12 // A Wearable Hug That Never Ends

Now then, Now then, Nasa returns for the 1st time proper in 2012 in thrall to the machines as always with some choice tracks and a couple of mixes in the 174 bpm category. Autonomic is the name of the game tonight - both a label, club and podcast its own right but more importantly an aesthetic which is kicking our biscuit right now and we'd simply love to share it with you! So come down through these dark, precise, dubby, tempo-shifting corridors with us for a while......

Posted at 12:40, 16th January 2012

the prauns of the situation

NASA // 14.11.11 // The Prauns Of The Situation

With Jamie away on parent/teacher duties, Gary Nasa fills in as a substitute of sorts on show-manning duties opting to go through the trawl through the not-listened-to-nearly-enough vinyl route rather than tie the whole thing together with some sort of vague concept. Expect some Forced Nostalgia, some Kosmiche derived Synth nonsense, a spot of Skwee and a dollop of old Mississippi Blues for your pleasure....

Posted at 19:06, 14th November 2011


NASA // 17.10.11 // 174bpm

Posted at 16:51, 17th October 2011

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