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the last chance to hear

music for pleasure is dead
6th June 2010
the end...
30th May 2010
If you told me you were drowning…
16th May 2010
easy like sunday brunchtime
2nd May 2010
new location – new order
28th March 2010
It's not quite how we planned
21st March 2010
Mum and dad's records
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Music For Pleasure // 1200-1300 28.03.09

the last chance to hear

The music for pleasure vaults are bulging and at the brink of collapse. In a last minute, final attempt to correct the record crunch, we're embarking on a process of accumulative easing.

We're going through the collection and sorting the wheat from the chaff. The wheat we'll keep for future shows, but the dross is going back to the great mystery bag in the sky. However we wouldn't be fullfilling our remit if we didn't give you one final chance to hear these tunes on your favourite subcity second hand music show on a saturday lunctime.

Tune in this week to hear some of the depths and dark corners that we should never have got near and a few gems that we've just had a bit to much of. If you really want you can even come down and have a rifle through and see if there's anything that tickles your fancy. As they say one man's rubbish...

Posted at 22:54, 25th March 2009


It's last last chance to hear these songs on Music For Pleasure! (Untill We Get them back in a mystery bag of course)
Oxygene 4
Jean Michel Jarre Polydor
Walk in Love
LA Sounds Chevron
Pierre Froidebise Nonesuch
Clive Lythgoe Music for Pleasure
Trumpet Voluntary
Unicorn Concert Orchestra Ace of Clubs
A Gay Ranchero
Roy Rogers Unknown
Maggie May
Rod Stewart Warner Bros.
Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballe Virgin
New Sun Rising
John Williams Cube
I Still haven't got any talent
U2 Island
Three Times A Lady
Johnny Mathis CBS
Neil Diamond Capitol
What's Love Got To Do With It?
Tina Turner Capital
In The Land Of Odin
Nina and Frederick Music for Pleasure
These Are My Mountains
Calum Kennedy Pye
What Do The Simple Folk Do
Paul Daneman and Pat Michael Music for Pleasure
The Battle Hymn of the Republic
Mormon Tabernacle Choir CBS
something stupid
Frank Sinatra and Nancy Sinatra Reprise

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