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2010 launch show - nity gritz,wardie and mog live

Music Always Comes First // 03.01.10 // 2010 Launch Show - Nity gritz,Wardie And Mog LIVE

New year....New Shows.

This show is sure to be a great show to start the new year of broadcasting. Mog and Nity Will be performing "Timebomb" LIVE in the studio. Live performances from Wardie and Mog as well. Freestyles galore and plenty of banter!!!

Get this show checked people.

Its going to be a good year for MACF and MCF in 2010!

Posted at 21:11, 28th December 2009

nity and jays 2009 wrap show (2 hours)

Music Always Comes First // 26.12.09 // Nity And Jays 2009 Wrap Show (2 Hours)

Well the 2009 broadcasting has came to the end. This is the last show of 2009 for Nity And Jay. However dont be disapointed as both the terrible pair will be bringing you some exclusives on your day of rest after Xmas Day. These exclusives will include the Glasgow Version of Show N Proves project with Dead Set Gemini (Deezy and Jee4ce). This is going to be the second version of 2 joints out with the Auld Reekie All Stars having already done the first version for Show N Prove.

Also Nity and Jay have made a compilation of the funniest and craziest parts of the 2009 shows. If you have tuned in to most of the shows you can imagine how funny this should be.

Tune in for a very funny show and a great playlist of music.

Boxing Day 10pm-12 on

Posted at 13:20, 18th December 2009

eastborn from dropzone records in the studio

Music Always Comes First // 12.12.09 // Eastborn From Dropzone Records In The Studio

In the studio this week with Nity And Jay is Eastborn. Eastborn is the owner of dropzone records and also an artist at the same time. He has played gigs all over the world and perhaps this is what has made him who he is and gave him the views that he has. Eastborn likes a chat on politics and his views are what some people might class as extreme and others would class as normal. Its swings and roundabouts. He does charity work and youth projects in his own time and is also commited to his career as an artist.

Nity will be interviewing Eastborn and will look to clear up some long overdue questions and also be having a general chat about whats coming from dropzone in the new year.

Tune in and anyone that knows Eastborn and Nity and Jays straight to the point banter then they will know that the show is bound to be a good show to listen too on a late friday night.

Nity And Jay

Posted at 09:38, 7th December 2009

adam holmes acoustic session

Music Always Comes First // 05.12.09 // Acoustic Session With Adam Holmes

Young musician Adam Holmes joins Nity and Jay in the studio this week. Last year Adam wasa finalist in the BBCS young musician of the year and although he did not win the competition, he started to gain a reputation for his effortless performances. Adam holmes is also a Producer and an Hiphop artist too. Many people from both scenes know of him very well. Adam will be performing a few tracks live in the studio and will also more than likely take part in a cypher with Nity gritz at the end of the show.

Make sure you tune in as this show promises to be very entertaining.

Nity And Jay

Posted at 14:34, 2nd December 2009

dr riddlah from uv beats live in the studio

Music Always Comes First // 28.11.09 // The Uv Beatz Show With Dr Riddlah

Dr Riddlah one of scotlands up and coming music producers is in the studio this week with Nity and Jay. Owner and founder of Uv Beatz Recordings will leave his Music Lab to do a takeover show on the radio. Riddlah will be responsible for all music played on this show and he has full control over the playlist. Make sure you tune in and check the great banter and music as always.

Jay And Nity

Posted at 19:13, 23rd November 2009 owner live in the studio on mcf radio

Music Always Comes First // 21.11.09 // Founder Boydy Join Nity And Jay

Get last nights show checked out. We had boydy who owns and runs The no1 website for scottish underground music. Great banter and great Music. Emcee Del also appeared on the show as well.

Check it out.

jay and nity

Posted at 02:24, 21st November 2009

the 9's with nity and jay

The members from the 9's are in the studio with Nity and Jay. The punk band from record label Music Comes First Records are always full of energy and ready to rock. Get this show checked and BULLDOG the lead singer may even through in a few hip hop suprises on the show.

Send us emails on

[email protected]

Nity And Jay

Posted at 00:42, 9th November 2009

the show n prove and dsg takeover show

A special 2 hour broadcast this week from Nity Gritz and Jay Mcleary. For the first hour nity and jay will be playing their own selection of tracks and the regular banter will be present!. In the studio with them will be Producer Show N Prove and all his boys Jee4ce,Deezy and King Response. In the second hour expect exclusive chats with the guests and very exclusive tracks. Show N Prove will pick the tracks he wishes to play and Jay and Nity will be getting the lads to jump on some beats for some mad freestyles.Expect a great show and remember and keep your emails coming in.

[email protected]


Posted at 00:20, 26th October 2009

tonight with madhat and wardie burns

Music Always Comes First // 24.10.09 // Tonight With Madhat And Wardie

What are Jay And Nity thinking having these two in the studio at the same time. They will be joining Jay And Nity through the whole show and also have picked two tracks of their choice each. Madhat will be promoting his second release through Music Comes First Records "Stuck Behind The Looking Glass" This releases on the 6th November and is available free of charge and in jewel cased edition. Download Link Will Also Be Available. Wardie will be promoting generally anything.The boys a mad yin and very unstable so tune in for the hour show and expect good tunes as always and raw banter. Support the midget campaign.


Posted at 16:00, 20th October 2009

back to basics show

Music Always Comes First // 17.10.09 // Back To Basics

This week Jay and Nity go back to basics with no guests on the show. Back to basics will be Jay And Nity playing another great set of tracks from some of the best underground artists from multigenres in Scotland. Expect banter and laughs from them as always and keep your emails flooding in like last week and any shoutout or mention will be given for you.

Hope you enjoy the show.

Jay And Nity

Posted at 17:30, 13th October 2009

we are all sinnas show

Music Always Comes First // 10.10.09 // We Are All Sinnas!

Blassssssssssfimaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Sinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaaaaa. If you havent heard that track then you NEED TOO. Its from this weeks guest Blasfima Sinnas hip hop group Twisted Methods who consist of Sinna,Wardie and Riddlah. Check that above track on

Blasfima Sinna as a solo artist is signed to Music Comes First Records. His first release from MCF Records came on 11th September 2009. This was the "Capital Letters" EP. This has had good reviews from other underground members on the Hip Hop scene and also fans from the scene. Blasfima Sinna has worked on tracks with many artists from the Scottish Hip Hop Scene and also dabbles in grime,dubstep and even recently done a RNB track with MCF Diva Blythe. This track appears on "Capital Letters". Get your free copy of this from Jay on [email protected] It is a jewel cased edition and MCF will post it to you at no cost. Yes NO COST for the CD or the POSTAGE. What a deal. Blasfima is also well known as a Dj and is the undisputed scottish dmc champion. He also likes to beatbox and we will have a live beatboxing performance from Sinna on the show as well.

Send your emails and questions for blasfima sinna and to check out his profile then go to his bio on

Hope you enjoy the show!

Posted at 20:34, 5th October 2009

live acoustic session with blythe and steph

Music Always Comes First // 03.10.09 // MCF Acoustic Session - Blythe And Steph Live!!!!

Along with out the usual great playlists Music Always Comes First will have Mcf Artists Blythe and Steph LIVE in the studio. The two girls will be performing 3 acoustic tracks in total. Now the girls are not currently on the MCF website as it will be changing for the end of october and the girls will be added then. Make sure you give us feedback of what you think of the two female editions to the MCF Family. Blythe has already done tracks with Madhat, Blasfima Sinna and in the progress of working on a track with Nity Gritz she is already causing whispers on the scene about her voice. Steph is someone that Jay came across and asked her to send him some tracks. Steph done this and her talent was something that Jay,John and Jinj could not ignore. With a video of her performing Stephs own track Estranged blowing them away , the MCF owners knew that they wanted Steph to be a part of the MCF Family. Watch out for these two young ladies in the future. Feedback is appreciated.

Hope you enjoy the show!

Posted at 04:37, 26th September 2009

wardie burns brings swine flu to the studio

Music Always Comes First // 26.09.09 // Wardie Burns Got Swine Flu Show

Edinburgh Emcee Wardie Burns will be in the studio live with Nity and Jay on this show. Wardie is promoting his first solo mixtape "The Swine Flu Mixtape" and Jay and Nity have picked two tracks of the Mixtape to play on the show. Wardie Burns is fairly new to the scottish hip hop scene but his lyrics and delivery is something on the rise and people are starting to take notice. Also part of Hip Hop group Twisted Methods Wardie will give you an insight on why he called swineflu what he did and also his train of thought while writing the tracks for it. We might be able to grab a wee freestyle out of Wardie and also his fellow Emcee and close friend Werd will be on the show as well. Email the show when it is on live on [email protected] but if you miss the show then go to and listen again FREE and leave us on messages on or

Hope you enjoy the show and remember SWINE FLU IS COMINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG

Posted at 23:30, 23rd September 2009

the pure helfi show with madhat mcgore

Music Always Comes First // 19.09.09 // Pure Helfi Show With Madhat Mcgore

Edinburgh Emcee Madhat Mcgore joins Nity and Jay in the studio. After signing a 2 album deal with Music Comes First Records Madhats latest album is set to be released in early 2010. Nity will be interviewing Madhat who is also Nity Gritz fellow MCF Family member and Nity will be trying to put the "Hatter" on the spot with a interview prepared by himself. Madhat will also be performing a accapella live in the studio and talking about his upcoming Ep Release from Music Comes First Records. Good playlist with some of the best UK talent being played.Remember our show also covers unsigned artists in different genres and this will be shown this week. We have a track from Edinburgh Artist Adam Holmes called Shawdows. Adam was a finalist for the BBC Young Traditonal Musician Of The Year 2008. Check the footage here Make sure you tune in and also give us feedback during the show on [email protected] or after the show on [email protected] Our bebo is and myspace is Get in touch and let us know any tracks you want to hear or suggestions or general feedback.

Posted at 13:34, 17th September 2009

music always comes first - launch show 12th sept09

First show of many to come from Music Always Comes First on Subcity Radio. Presented by Glasgow Emcee Nity Gritz who is assisted by Jay Mcleary as the Show Producer. Bringing you a mixture of Hip Hop,RnB,Rap,Grime,Unsigned and generally any radio worthy music.

Tracks on the launch show will range from Scottish Hiphop to Grime to Rnb And American Hiphop/Rap. Expect a few usigned tracks from some very exciting Uk And Roi artists and perhaps a sneaky mainstream track slotted in somewhereBanter will no doubt take place with the West Coast Presenter Nity Gritz And East Coast Show Producer Jay McLeary often having some hillarious discussions in the past which hopefully will now take place on the show.

Posted at 01:30, 29th August 2009

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