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Bunch Of Snakes Boy Snakes Boy

Music Always Comes First // 0000-0200 24.01.10

blasfima sinna live in the studio

MCF Records artist Blasfima Sinna will be live in the sudio this week with Nity And Jay. Expect a live performance of vastly popular "Snakes" By Blasfima Sinna. Jay And Nity will be having a chat with Mr Sinna about his current projects and what he has been up to since his last visit.

Live beatboxing and freestyles With Nity And Blasfima Sinna.

Tune in for this weeks BANGING playlist only on Music Always Comes First on Subcity Radio Saturday 12 Midnight - 2am

Also we will be releasing the download link for Madhat's Latest promotional EP "Ramblin" LIVE on air!!!

Posted at 01:33, 21st January 2010


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Golden Ages Pt1
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Sweet Dreams
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Brigther Day
Madhat and Adam Holmes Music Comes First
Las Familas
King Response and Dmas odg
Artist At Heart
Nity Gritz Music Comes First
Drive it like its stolen
Werd Unsigned
They know nothing
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Cage Unsigned
My Chances Are Dim (Show N Prove)
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Kiss Freestyle
Chipmunk Sony
30h3 Virgin
My turn
Diabolic Unsigned
Not Welcome
Madhat and Ian Halliday Music Comes First
Say Aye
Big Radge Andy Unsigned

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