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Wardie Burns Got Swine Flu Show

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Music Always Comes First // 0000-0215 26.09.09

wardie burns brings swine flu to the studio

Edinburgh Emcee Wardie Burns will be in the studio live with Nity and Jay on this show. Wardie is promoting his first solo mixtape "The Swine Flu Mixtape" and Jay and Nity have picked two tracks of the Mixtape to play on the show. Wardie Burns is fairly new to the scottish hip hop scene but his lyrics and delivery is something on the rise and people are starting to take notice. Also part of Hip Hop group Twisted Methods Wardie will give you an insight on why he called swineflu what he did and also his train of thought while writing the tracks for it. We might be able to grab a wee freestyle out of Wardie and also his fellow Emcee and close friend Werd will be on the show as well. Email the show when it is on live on [email protected] but if you miss the show then go to and listen again FREE and leave us on messages on or

Hope you enjoy the show and remember SWINE FLU IS COMINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG

Posted at 23:30, 23rd September 2009


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