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Last year we had Mapping Terra name, new show!!!
Rhythm, Beats and Soul......what else do we need? Packed with fresh new cuts from around the globe, whether it be the latest forward bass movement from the UK, classic Disco Fuentes from Columbia, spanking new syncopated beats from Nigeria to leftfield Hip Hop from Japan........if it makes the head nod and the hips girate, you'll find it here.

All killer and some filler, tune in and turn it up.....feel the beat of Modern Highlife.


all vinyl festive special!

Modern Highlife // 15.12.10 // All Vinyl Special

Yes its that time again, final show of the year. However instead of some weird remixes of festive crooners or the standard countdowns, Ive just decided to bring along a bunch of records that were big in my box this year. A bunch of them are from this year (Gold Panda, Flying Lotus, Joy Orbison, Ramadanman, Balam Acab, Quest;) but there are still some stellar cuts that are still doing it for me that made it into the set.

All vinyl, live in the studio......Merry Christmas everyone!

Posted at 19:05, 29th December 2010

what christmas?

Modern Highlife // 08.12.10 // Glasgow is Killing Me...

Modern Highlife don't feel the cold..........

On the 8th day of Christmas Subcity gave to me....brand new tracks from Phantom Lover, Sepalcure, Gang Colours, Krystal Klear, John Roberts, a new Kyle Hall remix, Joy Orbison, Carl Craig re-editing Ramadanman and much much more!

All that and THE Jamie XX remix of Gil-Scott Heron that everyone can't stop harping on about. Not surprising....its a beast.

Enjoy at your leisure.

Posted at 23:34, 8th December 2010

a modern day shackelton

Modern Highlife // 01.12.10

Back after a week off and raring to go!

Tis the 1st of December and Modern Highlife brings you the first of several fantabulous shows to accompany your weather woes. So why not emulate those of your parents and ancestors....turn off the lights, huddle up and turn on the wireless (or in this case laptop).

Tonights show features plenty of beastly bumps in the form of those lads from Berlin; Brandt Brauer Frick, a brand new Joy Orbison cut which takes us to Detroit and back. And speaking of Detroit watch out for a Carl Craig of Ramadanman that is Biiiiiiiig!

Favour your music at a slower pace? Try some eccentric UK hiphop from Jai Paul...or some electric/swing/folksyness from Gruff Rhys (very nice!). All that, much more and a vintage Roy Ayers track! What more could you want!


Posted at 23:24, 1st December 2010

interpretations & permutations

Modern Highlife // 17.11.10 // Interpretations

General up & at 'em goodness from this week's episode of MH!

As always we keep it with the old and new, and star vintage track this week would have to be Shuggie Otis' version of Strawberry Letter.....Shuggie of course a bona-fide under-listened to legend in the soul/early boogie scene, a definite predecessor to the likes of Prince. Any track from his album 'Inspiration Information' is always worth a revisit here on Subcity.

Keeping it slo-mo, Robert Vanderbilt, Chris Turner and THAT tune from Baths bringing soul with an electronic tinge...the way we like it! Talking electronic, SBTRKT's new EP is on constant loop in my house, last week it was 'Colonise', this week its his more pop-friendly but equally as good joint with Sampha; 'Look At Stars'. Also brand new group from Berlin on !K7 called Brandt Brauer Frick (great footage of them playing live Kraftwerk style here:, an excellent track from Portico Quartet side project Circle Traps, not to mention a crazy Deadboy remix of Scuba, from his new remix album of this year's explosive album 'Triangulation' (whole album is BIG!!).

If that's not enough, throw in some Darkstar, James Blake, Magnetic Man and watch out for an excellent new group from Vancouver called Brasstronauts.

Thats yer lot.....tune in and turn it up!

Posted at 22:09, 24th November 2010

adidas to addis

Modern Highlife // 10.11.10 // Adidas To Addis

In with old, staying with the new........

This week's show brought a lot of new joints from SBTRKT, Cut Chemist, Doc Daneeka as well as appreciating some stone cold classics from DJ Shadow and Cerrone amongst others.

Great to see some new material from Cut Chemist emerging from his new mixtape 'Sound of the Police'. Brought out some classic Shadow to fit in with this and that his new album is due for release next year (radio rip of new material sounding good)! As usual we slipped into a mix of some brand new electronic stuff, mostly from the UK, with Svpreme Fiend, a beast from SBTRKT (can do no wrong) and some other bits and bobs. Finished the show off with a few beats, strings and things in the form of new group Baths, Darkstar, Brasstronaut from Vancouver and a cracking jazz piano cover of MIA's Galang from The Vijay Iyer Trio.

Tune in and Turn it up!

Posted at 09:43, 21st November 2010

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