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Men and Machines is a radio show broadcast on Subcity Radio every second Thursday from 9-11pm.

We also host a club night at Stereo on Renfield Lane by the same name.

Previous guests include the likes of JD Twitch (Optimo), Dompteur Mooner, Luke Abbott (Border Community), Allez-Allez DJs, Nicolas Stefan (Kompakt), Gavin Russom as Black Meteoric Star (DFA), Efdemin (Dial), Mr Raoul K (Baobab Music), Brain Machine (ThisIsNotAnExit), Maelstrom (Eskimo/Solar Disco), Shit Robot (DFA), Etienne Jaumet (Versatile) and Pantha Du Prince (Dial), JG Wilkes (Optimo), Erdbeerschnitzel (3rd Strike), Serge Santiago, The Niallist, King & Cousin, Cousin Cole, Manuel Gottsching...

We play music you can thrust too.

Coming up (check facebook for more details)...

San Quentin @ La Cheetah, Fri 18th March
3rd Birthday


bobby wilson (equalised) guest mix...

Men and Machines // 16.12.10

We're not able to do the show tomorrow, but instead we have a special 2 hour guest mix from Bobby Wilson, who you may know as one of the Equalised residents. We fist came across Bobby DJing in our local The Halt a few years ago, and he was one of the first guests we had play at Men and Machines in Sept 2008. Since then he's been playing all over Glasgow, at EQ'd in the V Club, Equalised at Stereo, and with guest appearances at Sunday Circus, The Unit, and one of the New Year parties at the Carpet Factory. One of the best young DJs about, he's recently gone back to his Techno routes, so we feel you'll be in more than capable hands for your Thursday night listening pleasure...

Posted at 23:30, 15th December 2010

men & machines manuel gottsching special

Men and Machines // 02.12.10

We'll be doing a 2 hour special tonight on Manuel Gottsching, we we have playing at Stereo on Dec 11th. We'll be taking a look at his music over the last 4 decades, the various artists he's inspired, and we'll have a competition to win a couple of tickets to the gig as well...

Here's a preview/interview with Manuel from The List:

This is a coup and then some for the team behind Glasgow’s Men & Machines club night. Not only has Manuel Göttsching never played Scotland before, but he only plays about two or three gigs around the world every year. ‘I’m usually too busy with other projects or working in my studio,’ he says on the line from his home in Berlin, ‘but they asked me, I thought it sounded interesting, I’ve never been there before.’

For fans of vintage krautrock, the Kosmische sound of space rock and pioneering electronic music and minimalist composition in general, Göttsching is something of a minor deity. As a member of pioneering trio Ash Ra Tempel in the early ‘70s alongside Klaus Schulze and Hartmut Enke and then his own splinter version of that group, named Ashra, he was instrumental in a strong catalogue of spaced-out and ahead of their time psychedelic albums. These include 1972’s Timothy Leary-assisted Seven Up and 1973’s Starring Rosi, while his own 1984 album E2-E4 was a heavily influential piece of early, Eno-esque electronica.

Now he recalls those early days with a laugh, when Ash Ra played on equipment bought by Schulze in London from Pink Floyd’s technicians because they couldn’t afford to buy gear in West Berlin: a city where ‘the clubs had no closing times, and all the young people came because there was no call up for national service in the city.’ Here he promises a mixed solo programme of guitars and electronics, featuring ‘part of my (2005) composition Die Mulde, which has only been performed once before, and some of my older titles from the 1970s.’ It promises to be unmissable.

Posted at 12:15, 2nd December 2010

men & machines summer party - sat 31st, stereo

Men & Machines w/ The Niallist (live) plus DJs King & Cousin (Belgium) Stereo, Sat 31st July 11pm-3am

Come join us for our summer party!

Playing live we have The Niallist, who'll need no introduction to anyone who's been about in Glasgow clubs over the last few years. A one man entertainment machine, he's had releases on the sadly now defunct Dissident, as well as his own Little Rock Records, and has played the likes of Optimo, Death Disco and Melting Pot among others...his latest project as House Machine sees him taking on acid much to our liking.

Check him here:

Also joining us we have DJs King and Cousin, a couple of young vinyl purists from Belgium. We came across their blog and series of mixes some time ago, and were struck that they seemed to be into almost exactly the same music as us. After swapping emails for some time we decided to ask them if they'd like to come and play. They've played most of Belgium's top clubs, as well as the 10 days off festival, and run their own 'Swingers Club' night in Antwerp.

More info:

Entry £5 all night.

Posted at 12:49, 13th July 2010

back tonight with election fever

Men and Machines // 06.05.10

We're back as of tonight. Special prize for the best Nigel Farage joke emailed in to the show.

Posted at 11:54, 6th May 2010

men and machines 2010 blast off!!

We're back on air as of tonight - with a pile of new records and the healthiest bodies/ minds we are likely to have for the rest of the year. The results could be spectacular.

In a sign of our originality our next night at Stereo has also been named 'Blast Off', and we may run a competition for guestlist for that tonight as well.

10-midnight. LISTEN UP.

Posted at 14:26, 14th January 2010

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