The most recent episode for this show was broadcast on the 4th December 2008

Matthew's Deep Bath...

1300-1400 04.12.08


Material Girl
Madonna Sire
Show is tempoarily George & Nikki's Deep Baths
I Like You So Much Better When Your Naked
Ida Maria RCA
Dance All Night
Kids In Glass Houses Roadrunner
Show goes back to Matthew's Deep Bath
Come On Melissa Are You A Kisser
Sheild Your Eyes Run For Your Life
Unkle Main Theme Title
Twine Time
Medications Dischord
Via Invested
Damiera Equal Vision
Vapor Trails
Rush Atlantic
Tips For Avoiding The Clap. 1. I wouldn't Piss On
Love Like...Electrocution White Label
Moving To New York
The Wombats 14th Floor
Ocean Avenue
Yellowcard Capitol
Foo Fighters RCA
Glitter And Trauma
Biffy Clyro Beggar's Banquet

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