The most recent episode for this show was broadcast on the 2nd June 2010

Loud Noises

Mapping Terra Incognita // 2300-0000 28.04.10

brand new m.i.a. and a proper tribute

This weeks show comes armed with shiny new unreleased tracks in the form of M.I.A., Mala from DMZ and with some stellar cameos from Scandinavia's Hypno, Deadboy, 16-Bit, Christian Scott and the very mysterious but excellent Clutchy Hopkins.

For teh conclusion we take a bit of time to remember some of the highlights from Guru of Gang Starr and Steve Reid in light of their recent passing......

For an hour of pure audio goodness, tune into the global beat of MTI.

Posted at 11:05, 2nd May 2010


Born Free
MIA White Label
Chainsaw Calligraphy
16bit Boka
Mala DMZ
Hypno Haunted
My Computer is an Optimist
Anthony Shake Shakir Rush Hour
If U Want Me
Deadboy Numbers
Verbal Headlock
Clutchy Hopkins Ubiquity
The Eraser
Christian Scott Concord Jazz
Turn Me Away (Get Munny)
Erykah Badu Universal Motown
Just To Get A Rep
Gang Starr Noo Trybe
Gang Starr Noo Trybe
Jazz Thing
Gang Starr Noo Trybe
Free Spirits
Steve Reid Mustevic
Morning Prayer
Steve Reid and Kieran Hebdon Domino

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