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Rhythm and Soul; its all we need, and Terra Incognita has it in droves...Dub, Soul, Latin, Afrobeat, Acoustic, Electronic, Hip Hop, Dubstep, Jazz, Break-Beat, Ambient, idm, Wonky, blah de blah de blah......if it makes the head nod and the hips girate, you'll find it here.

Packed with fresh new cuts from around the globe, and regular specialist shows delving into an influential record label, genre or geographic region; Mapping Terra Incognita is THE eclectic, up-front, fast-paced insight into the global beat.

Tune in and turn it up. Prepare yourself to feel the pulse of Terra Incognita.



Mapping Terra Incognita // 02.06.10 // Penultimate

The second last show was a doozie......zipping all over, keeping it low and keen.

Brand new ish from LA's Dam-Funk, brand new Mount Kimbie, a new Madvillan track and a very special Flying Lotus track which somehow didnt make his recent LP Cosmogramma. All that with seasoned appearances from 2 Bears, Caribou, Konono no.1, James Blake and a vintage sexy Mathew Herbert remix of Serge Gainsbourg.....

Your Welcome.

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Posted at 16:59, 8th June 2010


Mapping Terra Incognita // 26.05.10 // Soleil ya bas

Howdy ho,

So much brand new music brought to you! Spankingingly fresh Mount Kimbie track from forthcoming album, Kavsrave, Benga, The Planty Herbs and more!

Music from all over the globe, L.A. Holland, Congo, London, Boston, Brazil....its all there!

Stand up to the global beat, MTi comin atcha!

Posted at 23:57, 26th May 2010


Mapping Terra Incognita // 19.05.10 // Breezy

Yaas! MTI returns all up in yo grill with a packed show full of audio goodness: New and old, happy and sad, whatever you want weve got it.

Brand new 2 Bears, Kyle Hall, Calibre, Benga, from all over: Ghana, Berlin, Tokyo, Mali, Switzerland...but no carbon footprint in sight.

Modern Highlife, Jazz for the dancefloor...tune in and stand up to the global beat.

You know you want it.

Your Welcome

Posted at 23:42, 19th May 2010

flying lotuses, toki monsters and big/dead boy's

Mapping Terra Incognita // 05.05.10 // Shiny Shiny

This week MTI brings you the soundtrack to your whatever, with brand new Flying Lotus (Yaaaaas!), Tokimonsta, Big Boi, Juan MacLean, M.I.A, and not so new Tony Allen, J Dilla and Lette Mbulu.

What more could you want?

Your Welcome.

Posted at 23:34, 5th May 2010

brand new m.i.a. and a proper tribute

Mapping Terra Incognita // 28.04.10 // Loud Noises

This weeks show comes armed with shiny new unreleased tracks in the form of M.I.A., Mala from DMZ and with some stellar cameos from Scandinavia's Hypno, Deadboy, 16-Bit, Christian Scott and the very mysterious but excellent Clutchy Hopkins.

For teh conclusion we take a bit of time to remember some of the highlights from Guru of Gang Starr and Steve Reid in light of their recent passing......

For an hour of pure audio goodness, tune into the global beat of MTI.

Posted at 11:05, 2nd May 2010

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