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Live From Las Vegas // 1500-1600 27.04.10


ARE YO TIRED OF BEING A WEAKLING? DO ALL YOUR IMAGINARY FRIENDS KICK YOUR SCRONNY RUMP? DO YOU HAVE A BIG BAG OF GUTS INSTED OF A SIX PACK? If I'm speaking to you, and I am, then you need to change. Drop that bloody bag! No more owninism and crying for you, it's time to get in shape. With my eight week program, from £500 a quarter-session, you too can stand up for yourself like a man or a bear. The first step to getting in shape is getting a gun. With a gun you can easily despose of your attacker no matter how much bigger he is. Use his strength and weight against him by shooting him in the head. An easy move to start you off with is if you are caught in a headlock move your arm to your side, make a grip with your hand, around the gun, and then fire the gun. Your life will be changed forever, but don't just take my word for it: "I took the full eight week program and now I'm a man. Thanks Live from Las Vegas" says Pinocio Smith, East Kilbride. "I was a big jesse before but now I have rats in my head. Thanks LLV" says Shrivel Nelson, red road. Be Fab - Kill the flab! -------------------SPORTS

*****P.S. to see a screen shot of the Casper Boom animated LLV visit the link:

Posted at 14:02, 2nd May 2010


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