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Subcity Sci-Fi takeover

Let's Get Physical // 1300-1400 22.04.10

saving party party

This week on Let's Get Physical we have two very special guests with a very special mission. We have Professors Henrington and Windimire, of Subcity Sci-Fi fame, in the studio to undertake a daring time-travelling mission to the depths of the past in an audacious attempt to save Party Party. As you probably already know, Party Party have been banned from the Subcity internet-waves for crimes against nature. But the Professors have uncovered evidence of an evil plot and are determined to clear Party Party's name by travelling back in time and stopping the offending broadcast from ever happening. Will the Professors manage to solve the 4 dimensional time sudoko? Can they stop the broadcast? Will they unmask the evil-doers? Can Party Party be saved? Find out next week on Let's Get Physical!

Join us on at 1pm Thursday 15th April for the return of Subcity Sci-Fi and the possible restoration of Party Party to their rightful place on the Subcity schedule.

Posted at 22:26, 11th April 2010


The return of Subcity Sci-Fi!
Gershon Kingsley Bourne
A Team Theme Tune
Mike Post and Pete Carpenter Universal TV
Times They Are A Changing
Bob Dylan Columbia
Seaside Shuffle
Lewis Sonet
I Take Time
The Knife Brille
You Wear It Well
Stewart and Quittenton GH
cybotron Juno

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