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5th June 2011
End Of The Century
29th May 2011
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22nd May 2011
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15th May 2011
Alone Again Or
8th May 2011
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1st May 2011
You Turn 25, Now You're All Out Of Escapes
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1000-1100 03.10.09

gram by the kilo

This week: a Gram Parsons special for some reason. A scenic tour through influences and associated bands, including some twangy Byrds and some remastered Beatles; influenced, from Dinosaur Jr through the horrendously named Monsters Of Folk; and of course, the great man himself, via this week's #1 Record - The Flying Burrito Brothers' 'The Gilded Palace Of Sin' - and a request taken from his solo classic, 'Grievous Angel'.

Posted at 01:31, 1st October 2009


$1000 Wedding
Gram Parsons Reprise
You Ain't Going Nowhere
The Byrds Columbia
Rocky Raccoon
The Beatles Apple
Crosby, Stills & Nash Atlantic
Old Man
Neil Young Reprise
#1 Records: The Flying Burrito Brothers - The Gilded Palace Of Sin
Dark End Of The Street
The Flying Burrito Brothers A&M
Hot Burrito #1
The Flying Burrito Brothers A&M
Hot Burrito #2
Dinosaur Jr Rhino
Hannah & Gabi
Lemonheads Atlantic
I'm Getting Back Into Getting Back Into You
Silver Jews Drag City
Wilco Nonesuch
The Right Place
Monsters Of Folk Rough Trade

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