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You Turn 25, Now You're All Out Of Escapes

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5th June 2011
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29th May 2011
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8th May 2011
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1st May 2011
You Turn 25, Now You're All Out Of Escapes
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Left Of The Dial // 1400-1500 01.05.11

you turn 25, now you're all out of escapes

This week: your humble host turns 25, so we're playing nothing but songs that were also first released in 1986 to see if they've aged as poorly as he has over the past quarter century. Expect The Smiths, New Order, Beastie Boys, R.E.M. and - yes! - The Real Roxanne. Live at 2pm, on listen again shortly thereafter.

Posted at 00:56, 1st May 2011


The Cone Of Silence
Yo La Tengo Coyote
New Order Factory
The Telephone Call
kraftwerk Kling Klang
Bang Zoom (Let's Go Go)
The Real Roxanne and Hitman Howie Tee Select
No Sleep Till Brooklyn
Beastie Boys Def Jam
I Want You
Elvis Costello & The Attractions DMG
Paul Simon Warner Bros.
#1 Records: The Smiths - The Queen Is Dead
Cemetry Gates
The Smiths Rough Trade
Bigmouth Strikes Again
The Smiths Rough Trade
R.E.M. I.R.S

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