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5th June 2011
End Of The Century
29th May 2011
He Looks So Truthful - Is This How He Feels?
22nd May 2011
Who Needs To Think When Your Feet Just Go?
15th May 2011
Alone Again Or
8th May 2011
Or Rather, Life Had Me
1st May 2011
You Turn 25, Now You're All Out Of Escapes
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1000-1100 26.09.09

i know there's an answer

This week: a quizzical theme. Q: Why? A: You know what happens to nosy fellas? No? THEY LOSE THEIR NOSES. Take it from Roman Polanski. He knows.

Expect questions posed in song by The Strokes, The Fall, Diana Ross and Devo, to be answered, maybe, by Nick Cave, Pulp, Elvis Costello and... Devo.

Posted at 01:45, 23rd September 2009


What Ever Happened?
The Strokes RCA
Why Are People Grudgeful?
The Fall Permanent
People Ain't No Good
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Mute
Where Did Our Love Go?
Diana Ross & the Supremes Tamla Motown
New Amsterdam
Elvis Costello & The Attractions F Beat
Who Do You Love? (live)
The Band and Ronnie Hawkins Warner Bros.
Queen Jane Approximately
Bob Dylan Columbia
Who Stole The Soul?
Public Enemy Def Jam
A Little Soul
Pulp Island
#1 Records: Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!
Jocko Homo
Devo Virgin
Gut Feeling
Devo Virgin
Nothing Ever Happened
Deerhunter 4AD

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