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5th June 2011
End Of The Century
29th May 2011
He Looks So Truthful - Is This How He Feels?
22nd May 2011
Who Needs To Think When Your Feet Just Go?
15th May 2011
Alone Again Or
8th May 2011
Or Rather, Life Had Me
1st May 2011
You Turn 25, Now You're All Out Of Escapes
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1900-2000 11.10.08

'either it's dead or my watch has stopped'

Tonight - the triumphant return of Dan (that's right - triumphant). Also: The Fall go Motown in Remake/Remodel, Dylan goes electric in #1 Records and, in the week John Lydon started shilling for butter, Magnolia passes comment on whether or not punk's dead.

Posted at 13:46, 11th October 2008


Slow Motion
The Flaming Lips Warner Bros.
Positive Jam: Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Orange
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Matador
Pink Sabbath
Dananananaykroyd Best Before
Pixies 4AD
Magnolia: John Lydon Shills For Butter
Sex Pistols Virgin
Silver Jews Drag City
These Barren Years
Brother Louis Collective Unsigned
#1 Records: Bob Dylan - The Bootleg Series Vol. 4 - Live 1966: The "Royal Albert Hall" Concert; also Like Dylan In The Movies - Vanilla Sky
Fourth Time Around
Bob Dylan Columbia
Tell Me, Momma
Bob Dylan Columbia
An Idle Brain And The Devil's Workshop
Vessels Cuckundoo
Remake/Remodel - The Fall do R. Dean Taylor
There's A Ghost In My House
The Fall Beggar's Banquet

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