The most recent episode for this show was broadcast on the 2nd April 2009

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Ladyboydisco does NOT discriminate - we play anything with a pulse. We ride our disco bareback, so mount up and straddle yourself in our seminal sounds. 100 % pure disco delight.
We sound like: Italian sunsets, string bikinis, kittens paws, totalo fun, deep throat, French martinis.



Ladyboydisco // 19.03.09 // DeliveredDirectDisco.LBDFM.PT4

Hotter than a French kiss in America and harder than a Glasgow kiss in Scotland. Nuff said.

Posted at 11:08, 19th March 2009


Ladyboydisco // 05.03.09 // DoTheRightThingDisco.LBDFM.PT2

High off life and bucks fizz the LBD duo stomp on your radio airwaves. Expect to hear some of our close acquaintances as such Donna Summer, Amanda Lear and Michael Jackson.

NEWSFLASH! Contains breaking information on the mysterious Polish car tyrant and the fluorescent fish.

Daddy or chips? Donna or Amanda? Tough call.

Sounds like; lightspeed, bucksfizz pop, jacko Wacko and full grown men in baby suits.

Posted at 15:14, 18th March 2009

daftdisco radiofaces

Ladyboydisco // 15.01.09 // DiscoDaft with RadioFaces

Wilkommen and Bienvenue to a extra spectacular show. This week we take a back seat and let the internationally notorious Radio Faces drive the show. Musical more satisfying than Lionel Richie's comeback tour.

Not to be mistaken with Radio Faeces.

Posted at 21:59, 16th March 2009


Ladyboydisco // 26.02.09 // DiscoVery.LBDFM.PT1

Fresh from our, huh hmmm, successful set at the Subcity Fm Launch Party, Ladyboydisco attempts to relaunch our career and to recreate the magic ambiance of that there hesitant dance floor.

We embark on the first week of Subcity's month long FM broadcast with child-like excitement, grumpy adult-like tensions and music that will make you melt.

Smells like: Fear, Empty Dance Floors, Amanda Lear's Glue Stash and Donna Summer's Love.

"Do it to me again and again you put me in such an awful spin in a spin

I love to love you baby...

Lay your head down real close to me soothe my mind and set me free set me free "

Posted at 13:39, 5th March 2009

dedicated disco

Ladyboydisco // 12.02.09 // DedicatedDisco

Dedicated to Kari the Delightful Disco Birthday Belle.

This week we forget these modern trashy remixes in favour of the pulsating heart of an original tune. Warming up for the Subcity Launch Party 20th February at the Art School.

Tastes like, Birthday Cake, Ulysses, the pubic triangle, cough cough, splutter splutter.

Posted at 12:28, 12th February 2009

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