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kaleidoscope // 08.05.13 // Recover

You've just come back from touring but will heading back on the road for your Dallas debut with Still Corners, under Gorilla vs. Bear's wing - whom, subsequently, are one of the show's favourite blogs for new music finds - then later in the Summer will be supporting Depeche Mode. How has the touring experience been for you? The June US tour isn't actually for GvB - I think that's just the one show. I am a big fan of Still Corners so am really excited to tour with them. We haven't done too much 'heavy touring' yet so this summer will be a baptism of fire for us. I think the key is taking a lot of things to entertain yourself (podcasts are my personal fave) and knowing when to give people space. Luckily we're all pretty nice humans, so there haven't been any fall outs as yet.

You formed the band back in 2011, how did you come to meet Iain and Martin? Iain had been producing the EP of my other band, Blue Sky Archives, at Chem 19 and asked if I wanted to do some demos on a new writing project he was starting with a friend, who turned out to be Martin. Iain and Martin know each other from university and Martin had played session in Aereogramme with Iain too, so they go way back.

You've got a degree under your belt, what made you leave the world of academia for music? I think this is something that has become a chinese whisper and isn't entirely true. I did a law degree at Strathclyde then graduated from a journalism masters in 2010, so had been working as a freelance journalist and production runner for a couple of years. I've been in bands since I was 15 years old, and music was always something that was important to me but I never put all me eggs in that one basket - how often does that plan work out for people?!

Having picked up 'Inaugural Grulke Prize' (for Developing Non-US Act) at South by Southwest, are you more conscious of your ever growing global fan base? That whole trip to the US was a bit mind blowing, as I'm more of a "play to 20 people in a basement venue on a Tuesday night" kind of gal, so it was weird that people were coming out to see us so early in the band's existence. I guess that's the strength of the internet, though - bands can sometimes sidestep certain geographical barriers in ways they couldn't previously. Ours is a band that was born on the internet so it's important to us that we remember that stuff like the Grulke prize is really nice, but we wouldn't be anywhere if people hadn't sent their friends, blogs and so on links to our band in the first place. Without that word of mouth, we would be nowhere.

The EP 'Recover' came out earlier this year, when can fans expect a full playing record? We're finishing recording now, with a view to having the record out in September.

It is a fairly mixed bag of records, ranging from the old to the new; did you have a specific theme in mind or is this a reflection of what you are currently listening to? I didn't go for a particular theme as such - just things that are important to me, some of them more recent findings than others. For me, a good mix CD is as much about the order and flow of the songs as the songs themselves.

You did the remix of MS MR, which is amaziiiing. If you could pick one artist within that playlist you would like to collaborate with (marvin gaye in a hypothetical sense...counts!!) who would be your first choice? Glad you like it. We made it Whitney. I admire all the artists in that playlist but Kathleen Hanna is my number one.

You've included PINS, an amazing all female band from Manchester, they recently played live at TYCI - could you tell us more about TYCI and how you came to form the collective? TYCI is a collective run by women, with a blog (www.tyci.org.uk), zine, monthly live event and radio show. Our first live event at Bloc was in November last year and we've booked amazing female musicians and DJs like PINS (luvthem4lyf), Honeyblood, Divorce, Patricia Panther, Pretty Ugly, Ladyfest and SummerSlams. Our hope was that we could create a fun platform for likeminded women, showcasing the wealth of female talent that is out there.

We're Subcity family - as you can catch TYCI on the station too, every fourth Thursday, 5-7pm - do you feel, with both the show and the club night in bloc - that music is the best platform for getting like minded people together? or is much of your traffic/interest generated through the blog articles? It's a mixed bag, really - some people find out about the blog through the radio show and vice versa; some find out about the collective in general from the live events. Someone from Minnesota sent us a jingle for the next show, and we've had people get in touch who are listening in Europe and Canada too. Although we cover a lot of music, we also cover art, theatre, literature and other more general pop culture. I think our hope was always that the live events would have more of an identity if they were tied in with a website, zine or radio show - an hopefully that's the way it's working out.

You had an amazing mix from the girl with kaleidoscope eyes, back in December.... nah I'm just kidding, no one likes self flattery but you've got another subcity sista' Bounce playing at the next TYCI before I will join ranks with the LUYD girls in June - if you were a writer/artist what is the best way of getting involved? We operate a pretty open forum and are always looking for new contributors to the site, radio show and live events. Email us on [email protected] or find us on the various social newtworks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, etc!).

Posted at 16:13, 8th May 2013

your hold me down is my design

kaleidoscope // 10.04.13 // Play by Play

This week’s show is designed to slow your roll and sit your study cup down with catchy slices of wavey goodness chosen for optimal, smooth knowledge transfer. With new tracks from Mount Kimbie, Lapalux and SZA, perfect for taking the edge off the sting of revision and easing you into dreamy state of maximal relaxation. There is also a melodically rhythmic new track from The Knife and a whole load of astral favourites from Balam Acab, Washed Out and Mmoths to help you sink your stress and glide over your notes.

Posted at 15:24, 25th April 2013

truth is truth

kaleidoscope // 13.03.13 // Kruisemode

New York producer Kruisemode is the latest guest to join Kaleidoscope. The co-founder of label Cadence Collective divulges his personal music making process alongside his love for hip hop and R.Kelly. We explore his own beats in both 'Yours' and 'Truth is Truth' before turning our attention to the half hour mix made especially for Kaleidoscope. A fusion of his latest finds and remixes, the mix also plays host to the work of fellow Cadence contributors webbing together the musical progression that he explains in the interview.

The rest of the show takes shape following the same pattern, highlighted in Frank Ocean's 'Lost', Purity Ring's cover of Soulja Boy's 'Grammy' and the latest Rihanna related discovery, as Ricky Eat Acid hauntingly samples 'Only Girl'. The producer focus latterly switches to Bristol's Julio Bashmore when his version of Justin Timberlake 'Suit and Tie' pips Four Tet's to the Kaleidoscope playlist, with Star Slinger and Hudson Mohawke also making the cut.

Posted at 15:58, 27th March 2013

groups we love...the violent lashes

kaleidoscope // 27.02.13 // Group Hug

One of the most interesting and striking things about your music is it's unique sound, I read that you record you music just using an acoustic guitar and your mac. Can you tell us a bit more about this recording process and how it came about?

It came about by a need to vent the music I was hearing in my head. Some songs I was writing didn't fit stylistically or lyrically with my other band (Young Fangs) but I had to get them out of my system. So I used whatever I had available (an acoustic guitar, garageband, and a spare room in me and my wifes apartment) and just started writing. The recording process couldn't involve loud instruments because of where I lived but I had to incorporate bass and electric guitar, so I just modified my acoustic sound after I tracked it to sound like whatever I needed. Then I cut and pasted real drum loops into the beats I heard in my head and there you go!

Is it something you would maintain? even if the opportunity to record in a massive studio, complete with paid enginer to mix it came along?

Ha, um. It depends, really. There are a lot of melodies and layers that got lost in the mix because the acoustic guitar ISN'T an electric guitar, nor a bass. so, I would maintain what I did as long as I could use that actual instruments, but I think obstacles, like having to record as quietly as possible, opens your mind up to new sounds and compositions.

Do you play live? if so, do you keep the same set up? get any additional help for the shows?

No, but I'd love to get some friends together. I prefer playing with people.

Could you tell us how you got involved with Group Hug?

My friend Dan Bombard (Cotton Keys, Dinasaurus Rex, etc.) asked me and I was like, Hell Yah!

What or who are your musical influences - specific to the shoegaze vibe that you have going on?

Oh man. Youth Lagoon, Washed Out, Theives Like Us, Ravonettes, Beach Fossils, Gnarwhals. I could go on forever.

You put out your own digital album in December, 'we're only here for the ending' - there were a lot of creative similarities to that of Youth Lagoon - but the lyrical content was super interesting, where does your writing begin, music or words first?

I love Youth Lagoon. He's from my hometown, Boise, Idaho. I start with a feeling. then write a melody, then get to lyrics. The lyrics for The Violent Lashes were mostly recorded in the moment. I had the feeling, the melody, then pressed record and just sang. whatever came out first or second i would write down and then refine it. we're only here for the ending is mostly about an old love for a girl that is still fresh in my mind. I never allowed myself to tap into it because I find it cheesy. Thats what I liked about The Violent Lashes as well; all the stuff im too embarrassed to write in Young Fangs, i put into The Violent Lashes. Its liberating, I guess.

Are you currently working on any other material?

All the time. I just need to find the time to record. I want to release a full length with some new mixes of the older songs. That is what bothers me the most about my songs is that they are so quiet compared to the rest of the Group Hug comp. Oh well, next time!

Would you be keen to do more collaborative work like Group Hug?

Absolutely. It is like opening for your favorite band at a super cool venue. Its educational, humbling, and exciting to see such talent! some of the greatest feelings ever is having your friends' write your new favorite songs. I love it. I hope it never stops.

Posted at 17:26, 27th February 2013


kaleidoscope // 13.02.13 // You Da One

After a month long hiatus, Kaleidoscope returns, hoping to win back listeners affections with a Valentines inspired mix. Without delving into sentimental territory, it is an opportunity to showcase new finds - a haunting Rihanna remix by J.u.D - alongside the familiar in Drake and Al Green.

February the 14th aside, Kaleidoscope is true to form in hosting new tracks and collaborations. Aluna George's soft eerie vocals fuse with tough synthetic beats on Disclosure's White Noise. Another collaboration featured is Ryan Hemsworth's remix of Manhatten by Catpower. The addition of Angel Haze allows the vulnerability betrayed by Chan Marshall to become even more pronounced. With no guest on the show this week, the girl with kaleidoscope eyes instead indulges in playing more of her favourite songs, hoping they might become yours too.

Posted at 00:01, 27th February 2013

octo octa

kaleidoscope // 16.01.13 // So Lux

I seem to always confuse myself by saying 'Octa Octo' and for a while Im pretty sure I thought it was just 'Octo Octo'. Is 8 your lucky number, or is there another story behind your name?

The name actually came from an abbreviated old AIM screen name I was using at the time. Nothing too special about it. I should probably craft some mystical backstory attached to it!

Who or what specific movements would you consider gave way to the birth of 'House', a genre that you are commonly associated to?

I mean, it’s literally born from disco and soul. What we now consider ‘House’ took shape in Chicago (where I was born, but really did not live) and was moulded by many a young kids getting cheap synthesizer gear and producing stuff for the dance floor. I personally consider the Trax records as the place where it starts. Guys like Marshall Jefferson, Larry Heard, Armando, Adonis, Phuture, etc.

Do you like being bracketed under labels, or is it something you don't take notice of and produce music that comes to you regardless?

I don’t mind being bracketed under labels so much, but I can only make what I make. I’m really not looking to make ‘house’ specifically, but if that’s how the track comes out then that’s what it is. If I wanted to make proper house songs, then I would probably strip more parts away and try to keep sounds cleaner than I eventually make them. I make what makes me dance and the house vibe is super conducive to what makes me move!

How does your background in Brooklyn inspire the music you make?

You know, I’m not really sure. Right before I moved to Brooklyn I had just started making more dance floor friendly songs and stopped producing IDM. So the majority of the material on my releases has been made while I’ve been here. The city definitely has a different vibe and I think doing dance music is a great way to deal with the stress of being here. Probably makes my songs more emotive than if I was still in New Hampshire.

What else motivates you - musically or otherwise?

I would be working on music regardless of having had releases out. Music is the art-form I can best express myself and I have an innate drive to create stuff. I don’t really need much motivation to work on stuff, I can’t much help it!

How did you meet Amanda Brown (LA Vampires) and subsequently, how did you feel joining the 100% Silk label?

I got in touch with Amanda after sending her demos one day. Silk had only had a few releases out and she has her email on the Silk page. I loved NNF and always wanted to send them something, but they hadn’t been putting out dance stuff at the time until they started Silk. She responded to me right away and it’s been great since then. I loved joining the label. It’s so hard to get people to listen to what you’re doing and Amanda was so open to hearing new people. It just worked out in my favor! I don’t think I’d be where I am right now without her support, it’s actually been life changing.

Were you pleased with the results?

I actually sent her the 5 songs we did together and didn’t get to hear what she did with them until we toured together in 2011. It was thrilling to have her Britt and Nick working on my songs. I loved how they came out.

You have a notable presence on the internet. How has this helped you make yourself heard? Are there any drawbacks?

Oh boy, I wouldn’t really say I have a notable presence, but what little press I do get now is fucking amazing. I don’t really see any drawbacks yet, it just makes me want to make sure I put out the highest quality work I can since people are listening now.

What is on the cards for Octo Octa in the future - plans for more collaborations, releases, creative projects?

In the future right now is an 8-track album coming out early April on Silk and right now I’m working on another EP, plus various remix projects that have been coming in. There are possible collabs in the future, but I gotta get more time before I can get stuff off the ground.

You recently posted on your facebook that you're cutting loose from the day job to get more tour dates, how does touring affect your music? and what do you enjoy most about it?

I am cutting loose soon! 6 more weeks and then I’m done for a bit from day jobs. I love playing shows and can’t wait to get back on tour. Touring effects my music greatly because I get to see what works and what doesn’t. I still have songs I don’t play live, but tracks I think are gonna kill, or parts that I think are gonna kill might not. So I get to see what I need to add or delete. I make what makes me dance, but sometimes it’s gotta get tailored a little bit so everyone will dance. Also just getting out and seeing people is so much fun. Doing dance music lets you party far more than a day job does.

Could you tell us a little about the mix and the artists that you've selected?

I just picked ten records that I love. It’s kind of put together like if you were hanging out at my place and I wanted to play you some new stuff I picked up. A little bit random!

You've recorded a straight up vinyl mix, do you have a big love for vinyl and collection of records? is it a format that you are attached to?

I’ve always collected stuff since I was little and I finally shed most of my collecting and now I just focus on records. I love physical objects, so record collecting is a lot of fun and really satisfying to me. I also like having my releases be physical releases. I don’t think I could put anything out that wouldn’t eventually be on some physical format.

Posted at 16:49, 16th January 2013


kaleidoscope // 19.12.12 // Rain Noise

What motivated you to start making music?

I live in the town of Stary Oskol, Belgorod region. It is in the European part of Russia, an industrial city. Music was a way to leave these surroundings, of trying to overcome the underdeveloped communication with the opposite sex, and to be moved to alternative areas of my imagination. I started working on creating sounds in 2003-2004. I did not have internet, and "musical education". All the music from this time has just been stored on disk and is in a personal archive. I began to mix with the typical sounds of the 80s, because it is, somehow, expected? But then I delved into the mystical environment psychedelia in television, where under the familiar image hiding obscure mesmerizing streams that make you just look at the screen. Russian producers of my generation grew up in an environment where all the charm and beauty of the 80's, early and mid-90s could only be seen on TV, and more on videotapes with foreign films. Perhaps the lack of the spirit of this time in our real childhood experiences led to such a creative process.

What are your other influences?

In terms of music - different drone, ambient, techno monotonous ritual. In literature, the work of Andrei Platonov. Overall, my memories and the disappointments that come with real life. My music does not identify with a particular style, and this isolation also affects me.

How does the musical process work for you? How has it changed over time?

I just think about the sound and make the sound in one concept - and they are combined. Each track takes a maximum of 2-3 days. Over time, the sound and shape change, but the themes of love, loneliness, and unrealized relation remain. The theme must be real, but in the meantime, is not realizable in the life that surrounds each of us. Grotesque display of feelings, relationships, situations in life, natural phenomena ...

Has the way the internet has evolved allowed you to reach more people with your music?

Internet will be the only platform for our lives in general. We know that the Internet opens new possibilities for humanity, a new reality, a new space. Hey, people! Do not cling to past life. Take this, the era of the great discoveries of the possible, a new era of communication. Though we will be others, but that all are well aware that we shall others. Then there is the next era, and humanity will also be different. Meanwhile, artists and creators fill a New world a monuments to the new culture. I work in music, not realising that I am Russian.

Posted at 18:05, 19th December 2012

dinosaurus rex

kaleidoscope // 21.11.12 // In Your Car

After chatting to several guests about KEATS//COLLECTIVE, Kaleidoscope finally catches up with the man behind the label: Dinosaurus Rex. His motivation for start-up is given, alongside reflections on the music scene, and his future movements.

Collective aside, Kaleidoscope is true to form in balancing nostalgia with new discoveries. The lovelorn span decades, from Robert John's 'Sad Eyes' to the bittersweet 'Maybe You' by Saint Lou Lou. The soothing vocals layered with gentle synths portray both an acute sense of longing and a maturity beyond their years.

Sanwiched comfortably between is an exclusive Dinosaurus Rex mix. It provides both a further insight into the range of artists on the KEATS//COLLECTIVE label, and an awareness of others outside of the bubble who inspire its creator.

Posted at 14:32, 29th November 2012


kaleidoscope // 14.11.12 // D.r.e.a.m

Abelard Interview

How did you begin to get into music?

I started with piano lessons as a kid after my parents noticed me tinkering on the piano and making up things, then moved onto playing sax and clarinet in jazz bands at school, as well as guitar when I was in highschool. I started messing around with electronic music at the same time, and it took over. I would sometimes spend entire days shut in my room working on music.

You are based in Melbourne, do you think there is a good audience there for the type of music you are making?

I’m not sure, honestly! There’s a lot of talented electronic musicians over here, but really, with the internet, I make music for, and with, the world. A lot of fans I have come from Japan, Russia, France, USA. Back home there are some friends and artists that I write and share tracks with, but I’m not so active in the scene. Just wish I had more time to be!

When you sent me this mix you mentioned that your influences were very broad. Could you elaborate on this - have your inspirations progressed as you have continued to make music? Is there anything that remains constant?

There are some constant inspirations, like those in the mix I made for the show – electronic music made between the 70’s and 80’s. Other things that are inspiring have been bands like Midnight Star and Five Star, 80’s R’n’B as well as late disco scene and euro disco scene, and my obsession with Italo Disco. I think that my influences have remained similar for a long time, but, recently I’ve chosen to focus on different aspects of their sounds, and trying something new. Before producing under the name Abelard I was writing 80’s inspired dance/synthpop, with very similar inspirations, just different executions.

You also stressed the importance of the simplicity of the tracks - could you tell me about how this influences of your own music? Is this something always in your mind when you start the musical process?

Many of the tunes I produce often only have 5 or 6 tracks with instruments / samples in them. I think I just like the paired back sound, to be honest. Every track speaks for itself, and has a place. It’s not necessarily in my mind as I write things, but at a certain point I just think “That’s it for this one.. it has enough tracks and sounds to focus on at once”. Things tend to topple over easily when there’s too much piled on top, so I just keep it simple.

Do you design the EP/album covers?

Yep. I’m a graphic designer, professionally. But, don’t get much chance to work on projects like this, so I enjoy creating album covers for myself. I enjoy being able to create the look and feel of the “Abelard” sound, too. One day I’d like to collaborate with other designers on covers, but at the moment I’m happy to create my own.

We've recently seen you included in KEATS//COLLECTIVE are collaborations something you want to do more of?

I would love to, and have had a few requests to do collaboration contributions but It’s hard to find time, especially if they want original contributions. I would love to do more but I can only write so much!

What are you presently working on?

I’m working on an EP. Well it’s actually finished. I’m currently getting it cut to vinyl, producing album art and getting things sorted for it. It’s pretty exciting, but unfortunately I cant give you a release date just yet! I’ll make sure to keep you and your listeners in the loop.

And finally 'Abelard', recently in my philosophy class we discussed Abelard - is this where you sought your name!? or was it something else?

Sadly it was less insightful than that of Pierre Abélard, though I know of the story of his affair with Heloise, which is a great and somewhat romantic coincidence, but it was during an episode of Archer, actually. There was a pug called Abelard, and a short synopsis of his involvement can be found here : http://archer.wikia.com/wiki/Abelard. It was a slightly flimsy pretense for a name, admittedly. But I prefer not to have a long-winded explanation of a name. I’d like for fans to make their own associations with the name, link it to their own experiences and stories.

Posted at 17:28, 14th November 2012


kaleidoscope // 24.10.12 // Give You My Love

Kaleidoscope maintains a global search for guest mixes, and this week Wisconsin based Sloslylove is recruited to the cause.

La Sera opens the show with the bouncy and infectious 'Break My Heart'. The alluring and bittersweet vocal maintains a powerful beat to keep you grounded through the winter nights. As usual, variation is key to the broadcast, and the elusive 'Don't Tell Me' by Empress is one of the tracks to provide a more tranquil sound.

Sloslylove sheds some light on his unusual name - which has caused some gender based confusion! Further he acknowledges the nostalgia motivating his releases, from the cassettes he samples to his admiration for the 80s. His side project Vandaam is discussed, alongside his role in KEATS //COLLECTIVE and the artists featured in his mix. His admiration for both Dinosaurus Rex and Abelard, allows us to announce that they too, are soon to set foot in the Subcity studio and provide a guest mix of their own.

Posted at 11:27, 7th November 2012

hot mess

kaleidoscope // 10.10.12 // Do You Wanna Funk?

Kaleidoscope continues to host new guests, as this week Simonotron of Hot Mess joins us in the studio. He divulges the background to his Edinburgh based club night, as well as the reason why we have Donna Summer to thank for his contribution to late night music. Furthermore, he demonstrates his talents by providing an exclusive live vinyl mix that definitely had us dancing round the decks.

Around the interview and mix, the show is true to form in relating new musical discoveries. The alluring Fall 4 U by Chad Valley sits comfortably before the breathtaking 'Hollow Drum by Laura Welsh. The steady lyrics are given even greater weight by an incredibly distinctive vocal. Lianne Le Havas' powerful 'Forget' ensures an upbeat tone, complimented by downbeat tracks like Night Works I Tried So Hard. Overall, the show has an even pace, and hopefully, an element of surprise in first plays and Hot Mess announcements.

Posted at 22:30, 14th October 2012


kaleidoscope // 27.09.12 // New Life

The first show marks a slightly new direction for Kaleidoscope, as Poulbo checks in. Having previously featured the French beat-maker on the show, this time we delve into both his musical past and future plans. He forms the show in more ways than one, providing a thirty minute 'Autumn Sunset' guest mix alongside curious insights into his craft.

The show is also a welcome chance to showcase the music that has been on Kaleidoscope's radar over the long summer break. Chrome Sparks kick off with 'Marijuana', a infectious and electric fusion that lulls the listener in, and resonates long after playing. The enigmatic iamamiwhoami's 'Play' is featured, alongside the euphoric Nicholas Jar remix of Cat Power's Cherokee. Altogether the show buzzes with enthusiasm for a new season of listening and learning.

Posted at 19:26, 30th September 2012

your picture

kaleidoscope // 11.06.12 // Come Closer

As Kaleidoscope is set to take a summer break, the last episode offers enough new music to fill the months ahead. Seapony provide a blissful opening with ‘What You Wanted’. Their brand new track signals the fresh and dreamy sounds that echo through the rest of the programme. Visions of a blissful summer by the shore are duly summoned by BeachesBeaches with ‘Drive Slow’. This tranquility continues with the aquatic inspired ‘Feels’ by the San Fransisco based producer Giraffage. And finally, an unexpected guest turns up in the form of Anne Bankroft. Tune in to hear the illustrious Mrs Robinson feature on Chad Valley’s mesmerising Reach Lines.

- Christine

Posted at 13:02, 8th July 2012

bedroom disco

kaleidoscope // 28.05.12 // One O Six

It is summer in the subcity studio, and the temperature sets the tone for the penultimate Kaleidoscope show this year. This episode boasts a half hour Trojan singles mix, fitting for, and inspired by, the glorious weather.

From heatwave to 'Hurricane', MS MR's new mesmerising track predicts great things to come for the Brooklyn based duo. Throughout the show, synthetic beats wrestle with dreamy vocals, allowing for a thoroughly positive feel. This really comes to the fore in a mini mix of Oli Slack, Kartell, and Hazy Mountains, thrown in purely to prompt the 'bedroom disco' effect.

Alongside fresh discoveries, remixes feature heavily. From St Etienne's take on Summer Camp's 'Losing My Mind' to the Talvin Singh remix of the late John Martyn's 'Sunshine's Better', all manage to uplift and refresh firm favourites. At the same time they channel a bittersweet nostalgia that often goes hand in hand with hazy summer days.

- Christine

Posted at 15:05, 1st June 2012

last year's summer kisses

kaleidoscope // 08.06.11 // "somethin is better than nothin"

For the last few days Glasgow has been basking in glorious sunshine and sweltering temperatures. Inevitably, 'Our Dear Green Place' gets swamped by pasty bodies on every grassy park spot available and there isn't a bun left on the supermarkets shelves for your crispy BBQ delights. I find that when thoughts turn to summer so does your music selection. My colleague talked of how she had packed away her winter coats and had brought her summer wardrobe down from the attic, I'd apply that same sentiment to my music collection. The dreary winter tones were subbed in with the more uplifting, "spring in your step" beats for the fresh months of March and April. Now it's time to unwind, grab a cool drink and enjoy music fit for a postcard of memories in moments where we find ourselves dreaming of the months ahead spent travelling, relaxing and feeling that city heat that comes but once a year.

Last June I finished the show by making a Summer tape, an a & b side at 45 minutes each to capture my outlook for the months ahead...on a personal note it's funny to remember how this was all entangled with the possibility of Summer love, again, it's a charming sentiment that can only ever possess your heart at this time of the year. Whilst sitting in the sun, the mixtape from this episode came on, it's nice to look back and see how the show has progressed a year on, how songs from the playlist have taken on new meaning or hold new memories but either way, it's humbling to know that this particular selection of songs still induce the same excitement for the hazy, lazy days of the Summer months that are just around the corner.

Love the girl with Kaleidoscope eyes xx

Posted at 13:42, 25th May 2012

it's enough to say

kaleidoscope // 30.04.12 // House

In the past Kaleidoscope has often spoken about shaping and webbing shows, particularly mixes, around a track, sentiment or thought. This episode is built around 'House' by Kindness, a track that draws you in the more you listen and shifts in genre and mood as it goes along. For regular listeners and for new ones alike, this episode is a perfect example of the foundations that Kaleidoscope was built upon. Between discussing the music that is played, both in new and old finds, from Santigold, Shlohmo, Marvin Gaye, The Rolling Stones, Purity Ring, Beaches Beaches, Wasted Nights, Foreign Fields and The Kinks, to explaining "I can't give you all that you need, but I'll give you all that I feel" half an hour mix deriving from Kindness. It may not have walls or windows, let alone a roof but this is an episode to take shelter in and feel at home with.

Posted at 15:31, 14th May 2012

yeah, mind control everywhere

kaleidoscope // 16.04.12 // Mind Control

Jai Paul's 'Jasmine' sets the tone for this episode of Kaleidoscope. Oozing in sexy synths with a funky bass line, the dangerously infectious track is just one of several new releases to feature on the show. The rattling and raw sounds of 'Mind Control' by Friends and tUnE-yArDs 'My Country' balance the fiesty and soulful sound of old favourites from the Flirtations and the Supremes. The return of Kaleidoscope this week also sees a new home at the Art School Union every 2nd & 4th Saturday, inspiration comes from the glitchy disco sounds of Savcloud & Kanoba as well as the extremely influential Washed Out. And finally after two months of talking about the woes of surgery and taking requests for songs about legs (erm, yeah...) the B side to 1981's 'Method of Dance' record takes place instead of our half an hour mix, with help from Japan, Magazine, Human League and Simple Minds to start pulling shapes again.

"Note, that if nothing else, the music of side two can certainly be used as a sex aid: admit that nothing is more real than nothing. Do you feel you're being led astray?" - Paul Morley on Methods of Dance side B.

Posted at 14:22, 28th April 2012

this flight tonight

kaleidoscope // 02.04.12 // False Astronomy

After a 3 week hiatus, Kaleidoscope looks back and indulges in March's greatest finds in new musical releases. From highly anticipated returns in old favourites such as Hot Chip, Chromatics and Kindness to brand new discoveries in Beta Frontiers, Heat Stroke and A Gap Between, all tracks that are played continue to meet the girl with Kaleidoscope eyes 80s synth dreams. In the absence from Subcity's Studio, Glasgow experiences a glimpse at what Summer could be, having a resulting influence on today's half an hour mix 'Squinting into the Sun' for moments of escapism that drift by all too quickly.

Posted at 17:30, 2nd April 2012


kaleidoscope // 12.03.12 // Cur$es

This week Kaleidoscope breaks with tradition by introducing a guest - Cur$es - to the subcity studio. Cur$es - aka Niall Morris - hails from Glasgow, so a chat about the city seems apt, as well as an insight into his musical background. His sounds are underscored by a fusion of influences, made more impressive by their origin - Cur$es was developed in Morris' room. He discusses the finer details during the show as well as taking over this weeks half-hour mix. Kaleidoscope is also treated to an exclusive first play of Cur$es 'Girlfriend'.

New music from other sources allows for a determinedly fresh feel as Beach House, Fort Romeau, and Nite Jewel's tracks are given a spin. Kaleidoscope does not disappoint by playing some older gems at the same time: the forever catchy Uptown Top Ranking by Althea & Donna is preceded by the influential Sexual Healing by Marvin Gaye.

This experiment could signal further shows of this ilk to follow; your thoughts and feedback are more than welcome! Like, message and get exclusives over on the facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kaleidoscope-on-Subcity-Radio/128376777943

- Christine


Cur$es free downloads (as discussed on the show) http://cursecursecurse.bandcamp.com/

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don't funk with my groove

kaleidoscope // 22.02.12 // QueenS

The music this week comes close to spanning across a century, with an especially diverse selection. A '1920's Inspired mix' channels the mood set for cultural explosion this summer, with the impending cinematic release of the Great Gatsby in mind.

Roaring 20s aside, kaleidoscope boasts new music from Hazy Mountains, THEESatisfaction and StewRat. The first section of the show is tinged with powerful pick me ups such as 'Origins' by Tennis, before balancing the playlist with some slower hypnotic numbers.

- Christine

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from russia with love

kaleidoscope // 13.02.12 // It Might As Well Rain Until September

Spring has come early to Kaleidoscope in this episode with a breezy eclectic blend to blast those winter blues for good. Refreshing new tracks filter through the soundwaves, with MIA's 'Bad Girls' being a particular highlight. A dose of soul is added to the mix by Linda Lyndell's 'What a Man', which follows the sixties spirit of The Animals track 'Please Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood'.

This week's half hour mix 'From Russia With Love' was cobbled together in recognition of the country's exciting current music producers. The discovery was also partially inspired by bitterTV who feature twice. The downtempo beguiling beats channel some new firm favourites and encourage listeners to tune in to this state's talent more often.

- Christine

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stuck in the 60s // half an hour

kaleidoscope // 23.01.12 // Far Away

This weeks show is a kaleidoscopic fusion, made especially resonant by the half hour 'sixties mix' where Chubby Checker and Shirley Ellis pick up the pace. Images of an old working mens club are duly summoned by a pick of the boldest sounds from a tumultuous era.

Echoes of the past are sandwiched between new shapes on 2012's musical horizon, from Channel Twenty's 'Western Walk through to the hypnotic 'Inside Out' by Noble Oak. Tracks throughout encourage a creative approach to listening; an ear to the past as well as an eye on the future.

- Christine

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feelings 4 u // 2012

kaleidoscope // 09.01.12 // Sakura

The girl with kaleidoscope eyes skips into 2012 to the beat of La Sera's 'Please Be My Third Eye'. January blues are blasted away with a mix of old gems - The Kinks 'Victoria' and Blondie's 'Denise' - and enticing new favourites. A toast to the future is given by the half hour 'Feelings 4 U' mix, gesturing to a sense of closure with a nod to all the good things to come through shimmering sound waves. A Japanese highlight arrives in the form of 'Sakura' by Caves, a true new years recharge that will have your fingertips poised over 'repeat' while traditional random thoughts and musings can be found in between.

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freezing fridays fleeing from me

kaleidoscope // 05.12.11 // Friend Crush

The girl with kaleidoscope eyes allows dreampop sensation Friends to illuminate her feelings in this episode. 'Friend Crush' signals the beginning of a pick-me-up from snowy Glasgow, that really comes to the fore in the half hour 'Tough Lately mix'. Here comforting thoughts are layered with washed out synthesised beats from Class Actress to Cadillac.

The tracks throughout channel whistful longing and blissful nostalgia from Crystallin's 'Motorcycle Girl', Sufjan Steven's 'Chicago' and the forever resonating 'Killing Moon' by Echo and the Bunnymen.

- Christine

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As we move closer to winter the girl with kaleidoscope eyes hosts this show with a cold. Fittingly the half hour 'Moon Mix' is inspired by the need to recover and recuperate, perfect for curling up and chilling out. The playlist plays host to some great new finds in Onra, Teebs, Rewind Back and Jessica Jalbert with a mixture of passing thoughts from The Rolling Stones, Tears for Fears and Buddy Holly. On a more sombre note, tributes are addressed to both Amy Whitehouse and Gil Scott Heron through 'Our Day Will Come' and 'Lady Day & John Coltrane'.

Posted at 15:23, 18th January 2012

take your time

kaleidoscope // 17.10.11 // From the Morning Heat

'From the Morning Heat' beckons Autumn with the sound of seasons changing. Holding true to the dreamy shimmery beats of previous shows this episode of Kaleidoscope has a more cosy feel with the carrot soup mix warming things up in the comfortable sounds of the past. Mellow and softer new musical discoveries merge with upbeat favourites. This show looks forward to all the good things still to come.

love the girl with Kaleidoscope eyes xx

Posted at 12:50, 16th January 2012

your picture

kaleidoscope // 03.10.11 // Time Will Show The Wiser

If patterns could be emotions and thoughts then this episode sees a kaleidoscopic fusion of longing, reminiscing and reflection to an upbeat soundtrack of new discoveries and forgotten favourites. An overriding element of escapism into memory, the past, and the idea of holding onto someone and something creates a cryptic message which only you can decide for. The dots ('Bedroom eyes' 'Dry The Rain' 'Remember Me' 'Take it as it Comes' etc.) are laid out and ready to be joined together. Make your own picture. Only time will show the wiser, love the girl with Kaleidoscope eyes xx

Posted at 13:24, 28th November 2011

asleep on the deck

kaleidoscope // 31.10.11 // Nap on the Bow

Recorded on Halloween, Nap on the Bow, looks to the pagan festival in search of spooky, bouncy and synthy delights. Im not talking your traditional pumpkin bumpkin nonsense or cheap thrill scares, its the kind of playlist that lends to the unknown, mysterious, possessive and obsessive. From Joy Division to White Noise there is an eerie atmosphere. A special 'Trick of Treat' mix is "brewed up" which appeals to the disturbed and takes from the disturbing. Ghosts and ghouls will not be found on this episode. Love the girl with Kaleidoscope eyes xx

Posted at 17:35, 13th November 2011

you thought there wasn't a story to tell

kaleidoscope // 19.09.11 // Videotapes

From dancing like no one is watching, to encouraging you to dig out your rusting bike and peddle back to Summer in a last ditch attempt to remember warmth, this episode blends nostalgia with observation. A half hour mix of a dilemma between heart bursting optimism to doubt to mulling things over, carefully summaries a recording of images and sounds. 2 hours of new finds, old favourites and random musings. Love the girl with Kaleidoscope eyes xx

Posted at 14:37, 25th October 2011

the scents came back with the sun

kaleidoscope // 05.09.11 // It Feels Good To Be Around You

It Feels Good To Be Around You. Celebrating months of collecting up new records, spending a fortune and generally riding some sort of weird emotional train - this episode is a heart bursting, twee explosion of Summer finds and memories. In addition to several music video observations both past and present alongside the usual patter of labels and releases, Kaleidoscope finds a new format in it's return. 2 hours of music, including a straight up, no lyin', cryptic half an hour mix from the girl with Kaleidoscope eyes webbing more musing and thoughts. xx

Posted at 16:40, 30th September 2011


kaleidoscope // 01.06.11 // Things are...

Fresh from seeing the riot grrrl film 'All Over Me', the penultimate episode of Kaleidoscope (for the summer) starts with a 90s inspired double from Beck and The Breeders. Granted it's not exactly from the same mould as the soundtrack, which features the Sleater Kinney and The Murmurs but I'm saving the riot grrrls for a later date. Throughout the show I talk about a vast amount of visual related content however a Prince trance set off from 'I Would Die for You' paves the way for tracks from Onra and Vanilla. Captivated by the sight of a man swimming in a lake full of jelly fish to the sounds of Radiohead, see here - http://vimeo.com/23079092, the tranquility of his actions synched with 'Nude' are perfect for a Midday Madness Cure. In an episode few of new releases, one stands out from the rest, described as "heartache for the dancefloor" by Numbers, London producer Deadboy samples Bon Iver in his latest track 'Down on Mind'. Finally, Kaleidoscope pays tribute to the late Gil Scott Heron and his wealth of music in Golden Oldies, noting how adaptable his spoken word music was over the decades. Music from Arcade Fire, Nouvelle Vague, Sun Glitters also feature.

Love the girl with Kaleidoscope eyes xx

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kaleidoscope // 11.05.11 // Keep on Shining

A song dedication to the beautiful beast that is Bessie begin this resplendent playlist, while new music from Battles, CSLSX, Metronomy, Panda Bear & Young Montana? also feature to add extra gleam. Aretha Franklin's 'Save Me' under goes the 'Love a Cover' treatment from Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger & The Trinity. The sultry, sexy sounds of Flying Lotus counterbalances the sitar sounds of our midday madness cure and we talk about Subcity's Vibes (http://tinyurl.com/6bjnqe3). Should also mention that the 60s theme continues through into our Golden Oldies in the form of a hippie summer mini mix perfect for your VW van cruising up to San Fran. Featuring a song used for festival promotion to a festival anthem then rounding it off with a classic festival reflection in 'Woodstock'.

love the girl with kaleidoscope eyes x

Posted at 15:40, 17th May 2011

kaleidoscope eyes (be closed)

kaleidoscope // 04.05.11 // Eyes Be Closed

Paying homage to the news that Paul White's - The Strange Dreams of Paul White is now available to download for FREE we kick things off with 2 tracks from the album. Following it up with 'Eyes Be Closed' the brand new Washed Out's single, also available to download for FREE, from the forthcoming album 'Within and Without' due out on the 12th of July on Sub Pop. Talking a lot about my love for all things Ernest Green (Washed Out) and the subject matter of the album art before getting back to the norm of 'love a cover' and 'midday madness cure'. Meanwhile, for the first time in 8 months producer Scott steps up to the mic and presents his golden oldies, alongside tracks from Chad Valley, Com Truise, Jeremiah Jae, Twin Sister and Bodies of Water.

Love the girl with Kaleidoscope eyes (be closed) xx

Posted at 23:50, 9th May 2011

natural satellite

kaleidoscope // 27.04.11 // Moon Colours

Back from a break in Berlin and Easter, Kaleidoscope catches up with the latest releases from Teebs, Seapony, Purity Ring and Casa Del Mitro. The return also sees regular features such as 'Love a Cover' and 'Midday Madness Cure' back on the playlist. While 'Golden Oldies' gets a 90s summer hip hop make over from De La Soul, Handsome Boy Modelling School and House of Pain. In between times hear about my ideology for a summer mix tape with Aloe Blacc, Austra, KAUF, Two Bicycles and Star Slinger vs Team heading up the pack.

Love the girl with Kaleidoscope eyes xx

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unlucky for some, diamond for others

kaleidoscope // 13.04.11 // sechzig

On the eve of a little trip to Berlin and Record Store Day, Kaleidoscope celebrates 60 episodes in this momentous 2 hour show. Taking a look back at a selection of artists and tracks, I pull out the records that have forever left an impression in the Kaleidoscope playlist. 28 Artists ranging from old to new, with feature favourites in love a cover, to midday madness cure and golden oldies are played throughout. Sample some Toro Y Moi, Gold Panda, Beach House, Craft Spells, Kate Bush, Warpaint, Rolling Stones, Wreckless Eric, Washed Out and many more in this milestone show.

love the girl with kaleidoscope eyes xx

Posted at 12:18, 20th April 2011

déjà vu

kaleidoscope // 06.04.11 // Sixteen Again

Last month saw Subcity Radio turn 16, as part of their celebrations I was asked to make a mix as well as play at the 'Sweet Sixteen' party in the Arches.

To be honest, I had mixed feelings about being 16 but it certainly was a formative year for my music.

I started to pick up on artists that had come from years past, mainly because the music in 2004/2005 was dreadful (Crazy Frog, Eamon, James Blunt...BOKE) I raided my older brothers cd collection and came across 'Kid A' - the first play of 'Everything in its Right Place' dumbfounded me and I was hooked. The release of Sofia Copella's 'Lost in Translation' not only provided my teenage self an insight to a similarly gloomy love life but a flawless soundtrack, the closing scenes saw 'Just Like Honey' blaring out as a sultry Bill Murray left Tokoyo's concrete playground.

The first generation of the mini ipod had hit the streets but I was rockin' (yep, not cool) the sony discman stuffed in my blazer pocket look, crumpling English notes in its wake. I wore doc martens shoes (not the boots because of the grief that would ensue from my strict school uniform) but thats as a "rebellious" as I got, and at that the only recognition they gained was from a ned by the neighbouring shit school who exclaimed "ho! Geeky shoooews!" in his nazely pre-ball dropping voice.


Six years on, having left lime and orange bacardi breezers behind (my jaw just clenched with sugary disgust at the very thought) I still have my docs and continue to experience 'Teenage Kicks'.

Being 16 was definitely the platform to a better life, the start of parties, the importance of music, the stereotypical heartache and having fun with friends and not having to worry about much else...until the exam results came in the post. For me joining the dots from then until now in terms of my likes and dislikes in music draws out a massive map of journeys, memories and experiences some which I am fond of, others I hope to forget in years to come

Enjoy the mix and the live set from the Arches!

love the girl with kaleidoscope eyes x

Posted at 21:23, 5th April 2011


kaleidoscope // 30.03.11 // Sundown Syndrome

While the rain batters against your window cast your minds back to Wednesday when Kaleidoscope had brand new music from Anna Calvi, Eternal Summers, Metronomy and Holy Touch on the show. Joined in the studio by Sebastian Rivera Varas we get an insight into his musical mind as well as his thoughts on the records that he has chosen. Fresh from the John Maus gig the night previously, I talk a wee bit about his performance and play one of his tracks alongside Sleater Kinney, Aretha Franklin and the 'warm your bones perfect' Tame Impala track which is the show title.

love the girl with Kaleidoscope eyes x

p.s take a look at our facebook page to see 'Sundown Syndrome' in action, a perfect balance of cider and sunshine with an appearance of the Deadbeat Club girls into the bargain too!


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kaleidoscope // 23.03.11 // Morning Light

The Kaleidoscope team (producer Scott & I) have been joined in the studio by 'the one who does not speak' also known as Alice Esher, for the last couple of weeks. Finally in this episode we manage to coax her to the mic to not only broadcast her voice to the Subcity masses but also bring some tracks in to let us hear what goes on in her musical world. On top of this we have an ode to the Hetherington chaos that was descending at the time in the form of our 'Midday Madness Cure'. Music from Ariel Pink's Hauted Graffiti, Love Inks, Metronomy, Girls, Star Slinger, LCD Soundsystem, Craft Spells, StewRat and The Hundred in Hands also make it on to our 'Morning Light' playlist. Rub those eyes, stretch and open your ears to these sounds.

love the girl with Kaleidoscope eyes x

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16 volts

kaleidoscope // 16.03.11 // Recharge & Revolt

After a short recovery break following on from Subcity's Sweet Sixteen in the Arches, Kaleidoscope returns to 'Recharge & Revolt' with brand new sounds from Summer Camp, The Raveonettes, John Maus, Vondelpark, Robin Pecknold and Casa del Mitro. A Parisian daydream leads to a French inspired 'Golden Oldies' complete with the story behind Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot's version of 'Je t'aime moi non plus' AAAAAND Best Coast's 'When Im With You' finds itself in this week's Love A Cover. Complete with Beck, Games and many more!

love the girl with Kaleidoscope eyes xx

Posted at 23:16, 20th March 2011

sleep over

kaleidoscope // 02.03.11 // Casual Diamond

Joined in the studio by Calum Russell, Kaleidoscope gets an exclusive insight into his forthcoming show on the station 'Funky Junk' as he picks out this week's Golden Oldies. I finally play the Nite Jewel cover that I've been saving since last year and in between times preview new music from Hard Mix, Sleep Over, Keep Shelly in Athens and Jamie XX with Gil-Scott Heron. Old favourites from Washed Out, Bibio, Wild Nothing and The National fill up this diamond of a playlist. All that glitters is not gold, besides this.

Love the girl with Kaleidoscope eyes xx

Posted at 13:01, 8th March 2011

talk party

kaleidoscope // 23.02.11 // Party Talk

Following on from the announcement that Kaleidoscope is set to play at Subcity's Sweet Sixteen, I discuss the event and how you can get a hold of tickets, while Deadbeat Club's Izzy drops by the studio and tells us about her involvement in wrapping duties. Musical gifts in the form of brand new tracks from The Strokes, Gold Panda, Radiohead, Iron & Wine, Toro Y Moi and Young Galaxy. A sixties golden oldies hosts Dusty Springfield, Spencer Davis Group and The Beach Boys, and Gucci is to thank for this week's love a cover... Temporarily down the cone hats and party poppers to have a listen.

Love the girl with kaleidoscope eyes xx

Posted at 23:19, 27th February 2011

crown of love

kaleidoscope // 16.02.11 // L.O.V.E

Ok, its decided. This Wednesday we're going to explore one of the most popular song subjects, thats right - l.o.v.e. Now before you haters start whining about it, I refuse to go down a mushy path. Im talking songs that make you're heart pang whether its about the good stuff when you are as high as a kite, or when it goes sour and you wish that you were a 1000 miles away from pain. It seems no matter what genre or era it's always there, from Bob Marley to LCD Soundsystem tune in to hear a Kaleidoscopic love mix and whether we'll still have rose tinted glasses on by the end of it.

love the girl with kaleidoscope eyes xx

Posted at 23:39, 15th February 2011

rain and drug run

kaleidoscope // 02.02.11 // The Garden Of Earthly Delights

I take a break from delivering dosette boxes to drop by the studio amidst a mild hurricane descending on Glasgow to do the show as per usual. Blowin' in from the West I play new music from Fleet Foxes, Vivian Girls and Young Galaxy while locals Belle and Sebastian have the right idea of shelter with their latest single 'I want the World to Stop'. A psychedelic golden oldie howls in the driving rain as we retreat to the 'Garden of Earthly Delights' where there is sun, warmth along with James Blake, Lykke Li and a beautiful tribute to John Barry through Nancy Sinatra's 'You Only Live Twice'.

Love the girl with Kaleidoscope eyes x

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it's always 11:30

kaleidoscope // 26.01.11 // When You Wake Up

'When You Wake Up'

The Kaleidoscope wake up call includes new music from Best Coast, The Vaccines, Earth Girl Helen Brown, Keep Shelly in Athens along with a cover from The Bamboos and golden oldies from The Kinks, The Rolling Stones and The Doors.

I guess I could try and make some philosophical attempt to try and define that feeling when you wake up, but doesn't it change depending on the day, time and season? I reckon it does, things like birthdays and holidays also alter the mood to which you start your day. When Im grumpy I get the age old "someone's got out the wrong side of the bed today, haven't they!" which I can only add to by a further dismissive grunt, as more often than none I only have the option to get out of one side... Anyway, despite all of this the best days start with music, right? I miss my radio alarm clock for it. No rude awakening here. Click. Listen. Enjoy

Love the girl with Kaleidoscope eyes xx

Posted at 19:53, 30th January 2011

the ink is still drying

kaleidoscope // 19.01.11 // Tears in the Typing Pool

Following on from the tragic news that Trish Keenan of Broadcast has passed away, Kaleidoscope begins with a tribute to her and the beautiful music that she has graced us with.

"My tears in the typing pool, The letters are sighing, The ink is still drying..."

Beaches, Wye Oak, Velvet Davenport make their first appearance onto the playlist alongside old favourites, Laura Marling, Bon Iver, Phoenix, Interpol and many more. Love the girl with Kaleidoscope eyes xx

Posted at 22:36, 23rd January 2011

who said i lied? cause i never

kaleidoscope // 12.01.11 // Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before

Kaleidoscope returns to Subcity with new records, golden oldies, a midday madness cure and a love a cover in tow. The latest from Toro Y Moi, Keep Shelly in Athens, Gold Panda remixing Errors, Arcade Fire, Blondie, Orange Juice, Warpaint, Kraftwerk and The Smiths are just some of our first footing treats back into the studio for 2011. love the girl with Kaleidoscope eyes xxx

Posted at 21:45, 16th January 2011

merry christmas!

kaleidoscope // 15.12.10 // Christmas Wrapping

Get into the full yuletide spirit with the 'Christmas Wrapping' episode featuring classics from Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr. & Eartha Kitt alongside The Pogues, The Beach Boys, Shakin' Stevens, Wham!, The Waitresses and many more. Special guest Emily tells us about her favourite scene from 'A Muppets Christmas Carol' as we toast to all things festive with what's left of the mulled wine! love the girl with Kaleidoscope eyes xx

Posted at 13:18, 25th December 2010

together we made a mix tape

kaleidoscope // 08.12.10 // Together We Can Make A Mix Tape

I asked listeners on the Kaleidoscope facebook page to tell me a song that without fail, no matter how grim, low, beaten, down hearted or dissertation ridden you may be, that after hearing one song normality would be restored. Having previously discussed making my own mix tape on the show, I thought it would be interesting to see what would come if we all chipped in one song to a particular theme. There was a big response to the 'Together We Can Make a Mix Tape' campaign with a broad variety of genres & eras suggested. The end product was perfect for Kaleidoscope...

Click. Listen. Enjoy!

love the girl with Kaleidoscope eyes x

Posted at 17:56, 9th December 2010


'Where You From'

Hot off the train from slumber-ville the latest episode of Kaleidoscope pulls into the sounds of The Samps, Phoenix, The Go! Team, Aretha Franklin, Washed Out, Atlas Sound, Sufjan Stevens. With Golden Oldies coming from Pulp, Blur and Stone Roses. Apologies my little prisms of ever changing light for falling off the radar but this playlist definitely makes it worth while. You are going on a journey but you needn't go anywhere just click. listen. enjoy these musical treats.

Love the girl with kaleidoscope eyes xx

p.s the show doesn't start until 4.20 on the listen again file - got yer back!

Posted at 00:03, 29th November 2010


kaleidoscope // 17.11.10 // Infinity

This week's episode of Kaleidoscope includes music from M.I.A, LCD Soundsystem, Gold Panda, Com Truise, Teen Daze and The XX along with a cover of Wild Nothing by High Highs. Golden Oldies goes down a country influenced path with Dolly Parton heading up the pack closely followed by Nancy Sinatra and Bob Dylan. In between times I chat about 'Cassettes' and our time at the Lip Service after party.

Click. Listen. Enjoy!

Love the girl with Kaleidoscope eyes xx

Posted at 18:13, 21st November 2010

ain't no bees but definitely a buzz

kaleidoscope // 03.11.10 // Honey Mine

The weather in Glasgow is ever changing at the moment so I pay tribute to Lemon Jelly's 'Nice Weather For Ducks' and rally you into prevent hibernation with a mix featuring HaHaHa's remix of Gold Dust by DJ Fresh, Fake Blood and The Avalanches. We take things down a notch with Nada Surf's cover of 'If You Leave' then bring it back up with new music from Korallreven, Golden Oldies from Deee-Lite, Blue Boy and DJ Shadow. Safe to say things are getting steamy... Love the girl with Kaleidoscope eyes xx

Posted at 14:25, 7th November 2010

fade away

kaleidoscope // 20.10.10 // Pen and Notebook

Last Thursday (21/10/10) it was announced that Ari Up of The Slits had passed away. It is without a shadow of doubt that she was one of the greatest female artists of our time and it is a huge loss in the history of post punk heroines. New Age Steppers ft. Ari Up were played on the latest episode of Kaleidoscope before the announcement was made. I urge you to listen back and enjoy the gem that was and will always be, Ari Up. love the girl with Kaleidoscope eyes x

Posted at 23:42, 26th October 2010

i didn't see it coming...

kaleidoscope // 13.10.10 // Make me dance, I want to surrender

With the release of Belle and Sebastian's latest album 'Write About Love' last week, I take a look at 3 tracks from the album with one in particular that has inspired the theme for the show. I stray away from Love A Cover, Golden Oldies and Midday Madness Cure to take a look at songs that grabbed my affection on first hearing them. This includes Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti, The Strokes, Best Coast, Washed Out, Wild Nothing, Mazzy Star and of course, Belle and Sebastian. "Make me dance, I want to surrender" Love the girl with Kaleidoscope eyes xx

Posted at 00:29, 20th October 2010

still feeling it...

kaleidoscope // 29.09.10 // Feeling Today

Hear PJ Harvey, Björk & Cat Power in Golden Oldies along with new music from Warpaint, Botany, No Joy and White Denim to name but a few. Transport yourself to Kyoto with our Midday Madness Cure coming from Air and get dreamy to the sounds of Beach House. Still feeling it... Love the girl with Kaleidoscope eyes xx

Posted at 20:30, 6th October 2010

unfinished sympathy.

kaleidoscope // 22.09.10 // Unfinished Sympathy

‎"you're the book that I've opened and now I've got to know much more" In this weeks episode, I take a look at some of Bristol's finest artists in Golden Oldies. As well as hearing the latest from Belle and Sebastian, Deerhunter, Com Truise and treat ourselves to some Joanna Newsom, Laura Marling among so much more. Unfinished Sympathy. I'd listen to it a hundred times over. Love the girl with Kaleidoscope eyes xxx

Posted at 00:00, 1st October 2010

sacré cool

kaleidoscope // 15.09.10 // Sacré Cool

Sacré Cool. Kissing your earlobes through the medium of musical treats that I've picked up along the course of the Summer. Listen now to hear the likes of Best Coast, The Smiths, Caribou, Hot Chip and Washed Out. Be transported back to lazy summer days without having to slap on factor 50. Love the girl with Kaleidoscope eyes xxx

Posted at 01:26, 22nd September 2010

girl from mars

kaleidoscope // 31.05.10 // Girl From Mars

Today's show features new music from The Samps, Toro Y Moi, a love a cover by Atlas Sound, a CFCF remix of Taken by Trees as our Monday Midday Madness Cure along with Jenny picking out her Golden Oldies. There is also music from The Strokes, Beach Fossil, LCD Soundsystem and Small Black. Kazzaaam. The Girl From Mars has mosaic on her face and tea cup saucers for eyes...its true. Still not convinced? well become a fan of the show on facebook and see for yourself.

Posted at 23:56, 31st May 2010

win! win! win!

WIN! WIN! WIN! A Kaleidoscope Record Store Day mix!

If you haven't listened to the latest show, Innocent Love, then do so! Hear the sounds of Harlem, Twin Sister, Dam Mantle, Bye Bye Blackbird, Kurt Vile, The Beatles, Johnny Cash and learn more about the RSD mix that you can win.

Simply identify the artist/band RSD release that you can see through our kaleidoscope lens in the profile picture. Then become a fan on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kaleidoscope-on-Subcity-Radio/128376777943) and post your answers on the thread or send me a message, [email protected]

All correct answers will go into a draw and the winner will be announced on Monday's show. Good Luck! love the girl with Kaleidoscope eyes x

Posted at 12:49, 7th May 2010

friend of the night

kaleidoscope // 26.04.10 // Friend of the Night

Kaleidoscope is back tomorrow from noon when we'll be spinning the likes of Gold Panda, Paul White, Bye Bye Blackbird and Teen Inc. Plus hear Becky's Golden Oldies, she may only be 20 but she picks out her favourites from the past two decades...and beyond. Love the girl with Kaleidoscope eyes, oh how I've missed youuuuu x

Posted at 00:05, 26th April 2010

easter monday

No show tomorrow. Subcity is on the move, so while the dust settles and the boxes are unpacked Kaleidoscope is going to roll an easter egg and listen to Washed Out. Find comfort in the Kaleidoscope archive till next week! http://www.subcity.org/listenagain/kaleidoscope Hope the Easter Bunny treats you well...but beware of the 70s white wicker bunny rabbits though...patch work vests *shudders* >>> http://i10.photobucket.com/albums/a138/mustardboy/EAsterEvilBunny1.jpg

Posted at 12:39, 4th April 2010

ribbon bow

kaleidoscope // 29.03.10 // Ribbon Bow

On today's show hear the sounds of The Faces, Delorean, Joy Orbison, M.I.A, Elliot Smith, Cults, The Yardbirds to name a few and find out who bagged themselves two tickets to Hinterland. For more exclusives become a fan on facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kaleidoscope-on-Subcity-Radio/128376777943 here you will get access to competitions and see all our random pictures!

love the girl with Kaleidoscope eyes xx

Posted at 16:55, 29th March 2010

round and round

kaleidoscope // 15.03.10 // Round and Round

Hear the sweet sounds of Trailer Trash Tracys, Pantha Du Prince, Lee Weather, Vivian Girls, Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti, The Clash, The Ramones and many more on today's show. There is still time to win Kaleidoscope's 'Bedroom Disco' Mix which features Washed Out, Neon Indian, Toro Y Moi, The Ruby Suns, Mazzy Star and many more...by identifying this famous album which is being viewed through the Kaleidoscope lens... Become a fan on facebook and post your answer up on the thread or email me your answer to [email protected] The winner will be announced on next week's show. Love the girl with kaleidoscope eyes xx p.s I'll post you the mix no matter where you are in the world

Posted at 22:58, 15th March 2010

fresh milk

kaleidoscope // 08.03.10 // Fresh Milk

Hear the creamy delights of Air, Gorillaz, Future Pilot AKA, Maps, Neil Young, Belle and Sebastian and many many more on todays show, Fresh Milk. This stuff aint ever going to go sour. Love the girl with Kaleidoscope xx http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/4/47/Bundesarchiv_Bild_183-2004-0708-501%2C_Berlin%2C_Milch_von_Bolle_in_der_Pause.jpg

Posted at 22:25, 8th March 2010

thanks vision, sorry fuzzy brain

kaleidoscope // 22.02.10 // Thanks Vision, Sorry Fuzzy Brain

Listening again now? wait...6 minutes in...something seems a little strange, doesn't it? but what is it? Oh yeah. Thats it, car crash. Its the same song twice. Fuzzy brain, fuzzy braaaain. I was so blissed-out thinking it was Au Revoir Simone I didn't even realise. My apologies but hey, at least this means you aren't hearing things and aren't going mad like me. Thanks Vision. Love the girl with Kaleidoscope eyes xx

Posted at 14:16, 22nd February 2010

coming down the stairs ma-got!

kaleidoscope // 08.02.10 // Coming Down The Stairs Ma-Got!

"Im coming down the stairs MA-Got!" - It was a big statement when I was 3, the sense of achievement was high because the descent was mighty for my tiny chubby limbs and waiting for me with open arms at the bottom was the said MaGot! better known as my Aunt Margaret. Hear her golden oldies on today's show along with new music from Lo-Fi-Fnk, Laura Marling, Yeasayer and a lovely Monday Midday Madness Cure from Vashti Bunyan. Love the girl with Kaleidoscope eyes xx

Posted at 16:03, 8th February 2010

postcard from helsinki

kaleidoscope // 01.02.10 // David and Duncan Takeover

From BOOM! to "birdwatching" music, from charlie parker to the concretes, from birthday messages to taste makers, from genocide essay notes to apple trees, from David to Duncan. Don't miss out on this Kaleidoscope treat from the decks duo. Bringing you a truly special mix while I was away frolicking in the Helsinki snow. Love the girl with Kaleidoscope eyes xxx

Posted at 23:55, 2nd February 2010

a sealion ate my dog...

kaleidoscope // 25.01.10 // A Sealion Ate My Dog...

"A sealion ate my dog, it was really traumatic, I woke up and everything. sea lion!!! and my dad valiantly tried to save my dog but he only saved the fish." Truly poetic by the midnight cheese feaster, Steph...and I thought I was the weird one, she doesn't even have a dog let alone live near an area populated by sea lions. Its true, where would the nearest sea lions be to us here in Glasgow? Huuuh. Anyway enough of her trippy weird dreams, tune into Kaleidoscope at the usual time to see how this tale has had an effect upon the show. A variety of new mixed with old from the unknown to the unsigned, its not to be missed. Monday Noon till 1pm. Love the girl with Kaleidoscope eyes xx

Posted at 23:19, 24th January 2010

music block, gee up!

kaleidoscope // 18.01.10 // Music Block, Gee Up!

Im suffering a serious case of "music block" thanks to my mind being blown out by the sounds of the Subcity 'Start of Term' party that was at the weekend. It was worth it, however since then I literally have been scratching my head, chopping and changing my thoughts with the show every two seconds. If I was painting, my canvas would be in shreds and I would be painting on the walls or on your face... So, with my Kaleidoscope lens blinding me what can be expected from the playlist? Tune in at the usual time, Monday noon - 1pm and find out. Gee up!

Posted at 23:40, 17th January 2010

the all seeing eye

kaleidoscope // 04.01.10 // The All Seeing Eye

Happy New Year!! Get excited for the next show on the 4th of January, noon till 1pm with special co-presenters, a look back at what was hot in 2009 and whats going to be B-I-G in 2010. I've got my snow globe predicting ball at the ready! Don't miss it, love the girl with Kaleidoscope eyes xx

Posted at 21:51, 3rd January 2010


kaleidoscope // 07.12.09 // Constellations

Constellation -

a. any of various groups of stars to which definite names have been given

b. the section of the heavens occupied by such a group. - hmm the charts?!

c. a configuration of ideas, feelings, characteristics, objects, etc., that are related in some way: - its gotta be the beat!

d. any brilliant, outstanding group or assemblage: - Love A Cover? Golden Oldie? Monday Midday Madness Cure? We have it all

A constellation of great musicians perhaps?

Find it all here on Kaleidoscope from noon - 1pm with the likes of Darwin Deez, Lightning Dust, Slow Club, The Jesus and Mary Chain and many many more.

Your friend, the girl with Kaleidoscope eyes xx

Posted at 02:31, 7th December 2009

go your own way

kaleidoscope // 23.11.09 // Go Your Own Way

"Packing up, shacking up, is all you wanna do..." find out who wrote this, who it was written about and how it sparked an irrepairable rift. On a more interesting note find out why I am playing it in Golden Oldies tomorrow. Love A Cover is taken from the Rolling Stones debut album and as ever, there will also be the Monday Midday Madness Cure! Till tomorrow keep your guard up - your friend, the girl with kaleidoscope eyes x

Posted at 22:03, 22nd November 2009

hangover monday

Help me through the long morning and into the afternoon on this cold frosty day. I've had six hours sleep, no preperation for the show and a whole lot of partying with Scottish celebs at the BAFTAs last night - listen in while I try to retrace my steps along the way. Your friend, the girl with kaleidoscope eyes xxx

Posted at 10:43, 9th November 2009

no voice, no show...

Sorry listeners Im afraid its going to be a dull Monday. It's all in the title. I've lost my precious voice. Join me again next Monday, 9th November 12 - 1pm when normality will return with 'Love a Cover' coming from the kalxons, a remix for 'Monday Midday Madness Cure' and of course we will be having a very special selection of 'Golden Oldies' from lucky Dave. Till then, drink plenty of hot fluids and keep your neck warm! your friend, the girl with kaleidoscope eyes xx

Posted at 17:51, 1st November 2009

build your own

kaleidoscope // 19.10.09 // Build Your Own

Build Your Own...Canoe! Nah, Im not going back down that path. The things unemployment leave you to ponder about. I definitely dodged a bullet on that one though. My 'Blue Peter' days led me to believe that such a thing was achievable but lets face it if it doesn't involve a toilet roll tube, recycled bottle tops or pipe cleaners then its going to take a lot of time and patience, never mind artistic vision. However I am going to try and construct a kaleidoscope as the show goes along! Oh yes. But thats just a little side project, the stuff that really matters is still going to be there - Love A Cover, Monday Midday Madness Cure, Golden Oldies and, and! A bag full of exclusives and a whole load of musical facts coming your way. Tune in Monday - noon till 1pm! Your friend, the girl with kaleidoscope eyes.

Posted at 23:33, 18th October 2009

double trouble

kaleidoscope // 12.10.09 // Double Trouble

Tune in Monday noon till 1pm and find out who the heck 'Zil' is and what their Golden Oldies are going to be for the 'Double Trouble' show. Also we'll be taking a look at a cover of L7 - Pretend We're Dead and of course, giving you a cure to your monday midday maddness. Until then! Your friend, the girl with kaleidoscope eyes.

Posted at 23:55, 11th October 2009

tango tree!

kaleidoscope // 05.10.09 // Tango Tree

I got stuck in a Tango Tree. No, this isn't the start to a weird song. I was having a look at the playlist for the upcoming show and randomly started thinking about a Tango Tree...its a mythical tree that stems from all kinds of musical roots and branches out to 'Love A Cover', 'Monday Midday Madness Cure' and of course blossoms from our 'Golden Oldies' (Did I really just say that?). Tune in Noon till 1pm Today and find out more. Your friend, the girl with kaleidoscope eyes.

Posted at 01:03, 5th October 2009

beaten by a spark

So there I was standing outside the Subcity Studios sniffing and sneezing away with the flu (maybe even swine flu) when I discovered the whole building was on lockdown, I had beaten by a spark, an electrical meltdown, a sodding powercut. sorry guys! 'Monday Fever' was put on ice, pardon the pun. We will be back on air soon, next week for sho' Same time, same place Monday 12 - 1pm when we will be having a 'Damascus Birthday Special'. Watch this space for more information! Until then, your friend, the girl with kaleidoscope eyes.

Posted at 15:09, 22nd September 2009

monday fever

ok so we've got a bit of a swine flu situation going on here, but that aint gonna stop me - tune in tomorrow 12 - 1pm to hear the latest from miike snow, love a cover and of course, our golden oldies and erm...maybe the occasional sneeze - sorry! Monday fever.

Posted at 15:00, 22nd September 2009

one week till kick off, adjust your stereo now!

kaleidoscope // 16.09.09 // First Light

It's all in the title...next week tune in and enjoy the kaleidoscope experience. You won’t find this in any toy shop or hippie hangout, so down the tin drum and the glockenspiel, clean out your ears and listen in on Wednesday 16th 9am - 10am

Posted at 11:48, 9th September 2009

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