Come Closer

kaleidoscope // 1500-1700 11.06.12

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As Kaleidoscope is set to take a summer break, the last episode offers enough new music to fill the months ahead. Seapony provide a blissful opening with ‘What You Wanted’. Their brand new track signals the fresh and dreamy sounds that echo through the rest of the programme. Visions of a blissful summer by the shore are duly summoned by BeachesBeaches with ‘Drive Slow’. This tranquility continues with the aquatic inspired ‘Feels’ by the San Fransisco based producer Giraffage. And finally, an unexpected guest turns up in the form of Anne Bankroft. Tune in to hear the illustrious Mrs Robinson feature on Chad Valley’s mesmerising Reach Lines.

- Christine

Posted at 13:02, 8th July 2012


What You Wanted
Seapony Hardly Art
Wildcat! Wildcat! Unsigned
Drive Slow
BeachesBeaches Unsigned
While Dreaming
Neo-Safari Unsigned
Reach Lines
Chad Valley Loose Lips
Giraffage Unsigned
Come Closer
Onra Favourite
The Hours
Beach House Bella union
Silky Eyes
Puro Instinct Mexican Summer
White Rabbit
Jefferson Airplane RCA
You are the Golden Side Effect Mix // the girl with kaleidoscope eyes
Blackwitchmoth Unsigned
Cur$es Heaven's Gate
THEESatisfaction Sub Pop
Maple High
Oli Slack Unsigned
Com Truise Ghostly International
La Jeunesse Retrouvee
Kartell Shiny Disco Club
Hahaha (Preview)
Abelard Unsigned
Blondie Chrysalis
Blue Moon
Kendal Johansson Sincerely Yours
last night with you
bitterTV Unsigned
Ice Cream Truck
Sundrenched Unsigned
November Skies
Tomas Barfod ft. Nina Kinert Friends of Friends
Phone Sex
Blood Diamonds ft. Grimes 4AD
Lemonade True Panther Sounds
Tangles Subcity Radio
Your Picture
Camera Obscura Elefant
Nod's One Head Unsigned
End Theme
College Futur

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