One O Six

kaleidoscope // 1500-1700 28.05.12

bedroom disco

It is summer in the subcity studio, and the temperature sets the tone for the penultimate Kaleidoscope show this year. This episode boasts a half hour Trojan singles mix, fitting for, and inspired by, the glorious weather.

From heatwave to 'Hurricane', MS MR's new mesmerising track predicts great things to come for the Brooklyn based duo. Throughout the show, synthetic beats wrestle with dreamy vocals, allowing for a thoroughly positive feel. This really comes to the fore in a mini mix of Oli Slack, Kartell, and Hazy Mountains, thrown in purely to prompt the 'bedroom disco' effect.

Alongside fresh discoveries, remixes feature heavily. From St Etienne's take on Summer Camp's 'Losing My Mind' to the Talvin Singh remix of the late John Martyn's 'Sunshine's Better', all manage to uplift and refresh firm favourites. At the same time they channel a bittersweet nostalgia that often goes hand in hand with hazy summer days.

- Christine

Posted at 15:05, 1st June 2012


Eternal Summers Kanine
Riviera Reflex
POulbO Unsigned
Grand Lux
Tours Young Latitude
Gold Panda Notown
I am the Blackgold of the Sun
Rotary Connection Cadet Concept
Sunshine's Better (Talvin Singh remix)
John Martyn Go Beat
MS MR I Am Sound
Oli Slack Unsigned
Kartell Shiny Disco Club
Reach Out
Hazy Mountains Unsigned
Trojan Singles Mix (1968 - 1978) // the girl with Kaleidoscope eyes
Bangarang Crash
Clancy Eccles Trojan
Dynamites Trojan
Reggae From The Ghetto
John Holt Trojan
Busy Bee
Beverley's All Stars Trojan
Come Back Girl
Nicky Thomas Trojan
Double Shot
Beverley's All Stars Trojan
You Don't Know Like I Know
The Pioneers Trojan
Virgin Soldiers
Hot Rod All Stars Trojan
Run Away Pet
Donna Hinds Trojan
DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince Jive
Miss You
SNSCRN Unsigned
Losing My Mind (St.Etienne Remix)
Summer Camp Moshi Moshi
Cold Sunday
Phédre Daps
Undertow (Blackbird Blackbird Remix)
Warpaint Unsigned
It's The Time of The Season
The Zombies Date
One O Six
Jupiter Grand Blanc
Shades of Black
Breakbot Because
Deep Hurt
Octo Octa 100% Silk
Summer in the City
The Lovin' Spoonful Kama Sutra

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