kaleidoscope // 1500-1700 30.04.12

it's enough to say

In the past Kaleidoscope has often spoken about shaping and webbing shows, particularly mixes, around a track, sentiment or thought. This episode is built around 'House' by Kindness, a track that draws you in the more you listen and shifts in genre and mood as it goes along. For regular listeners and for new ones alike, this episode is a perfect example of the foundations that Kaleidoscope was built upon. Between discussing the music that is played, both in new and old finds, from Santigold, Shlohmo, Marvin Gaye, The Rolling Stones, Purity Ring, Beaches Beaches, Wasted Nights, Foreign Fields and The Kinks, to explaining "I can't give you all that you need, but I'll give you all that I feel" half an hour mix deriving from Kindness. It may not have walls or windows, let alone a roof but this is an episode to take shelter in and feel at home with.

Posted at 15:31, 14th May 2012


Disparate Youth
Santigold Atlantic
Gold Panda Ghostly International
Web of Me
The Internet Odd Future
Anthony Ellect Unsigned
Mother's Word
Trudie Dawn Smith Unsigned
Rained The Whole Time (Nicolas Jaar Remix)
Shlohmo Friend of Friends
Girl On The Couch
Navigateur Synconation
Under My Thumb
The Rolling Stones Decca
You Really Got Me
The Kinks Pye
Postiljonen Unsigned
Advertising draft#1
bitterTV Unsigned
Dance Backwards
Wasted Nights Unsigned
Kaligraph E Unsigned
The Cure Fiction
"I can't give you all that you need, but I'll give you all that I feel" mix // the girl with Kaleidoscope eyes
Kindness Female Energy
Fever 105
Dinosaurus Rex and Jasper from Mark//Eldon Unsigned
Purity Ring 4AD
Giraffage Unsigned
She Wants To Funk
Matt Miller Unsigned
By and By
Renny Wilson Old Ugly
Nights Into Dreams
sloslylove Unsigned
LAst Night
BeachesBeaches Unsigned
Blackbird Blackbird Double Denim
I Heard It Through The Grapvine
Marvin Gaye Motown
James Hand Unsigned
Someone Great
LCD Soundsystem DFA
From The Lake To The Land
Foreign Fields Unsigned
Then We Met Them
BeachesBeaches Unsigned
A Real Hero
College ft. Electric Youth Valerie
Aaron Neville A&M
On Our Way
fthrsn my bedroom

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