False Astronomy

kaleidoscope // 1500-1655 02.04.12

this flight tonight

After a 3 week hiatus, Kaleidoscope looks back and indulges in March's greatest finds in new musical releases. From highly anticipated returns in old favourites such as Hot Chip, Chromatics and Kindness to brand new discoveries in Beta Frontiers, Heat Stroke and A Gap Between, all tracks that are played continue to meet the girl with Kaleidoscope eyes 80s synth dreams. In the absence from Subcity's Studio, Glasgow experiences a glimpse at what Summer could be, having a resulting influence on today's half an hour mix 'Squinting into the Sun' for moments of escapism that drift by all too quickly.

Posted at 17:30, 2nd April 2012


That's Alright
Kindness Polydor
Heat Stroke Unsigned
Kill For Love
Chromatics Italians Do It Better
No Title (Molly)
John Maus Domino
Little Chords Cultus Vibes
Rock Steady
Aretha Franklin Atlantic
They Don't Want Me
Electric Wire Hustle BBE
Hot Chip Domino
Beta Frontiers Daps
Jai Paul XL
Summer Nightrunner
A Gap Between Nueva Forma
Squinting at the sun mix // the girl with Kaleidoscope eyes
Usher RCA
Sleeping In
Bwana Infinite Machine
Fort Romeau 100% Silk
Blondes Rvng.Intl.
Morning Mountains
Essa'y Glyph
Bigmouth Strikes Again
The Smiths Rough Trade
The Only Place
Best Coast Mexican Summer
Wen uuu
Shlohmo Friends of Friends
False Astronomy
Mister Lies Unsigned
She Belongs To Me
Bob Dylan Columbia
History of Headaches
Jonquil Dovecoat
Bedroom Furious Hooves
Get Back
Fog Lake Unsigned
Here, in Heaven 4 & 5 (CFCF Remix)
Elite Gymnastics Acephale

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