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kaleidoscope // 1300-1400 01.06.11


Fresh from seeing the riot grrrl film 'All Over Me', the penultimate episode of Kaleidoscope (for the summer) starts with a 90s inspired double from Beck and The Breeders. Granted it's not exactly from the same mould as the soundtrack, which features the Sleater Kinney and The Murmurs but I'm saving the riot grrrls for a later date. Throughout the show I talk about a vast amount of visual related content however a Prince trance set off from 'I Would Die for You' paves the way for tracks from Onra and Vanilla. Captivated by the sight of a man swimming in a lake full of jelly fish to the sounds of Radiohead, see here -, the tranquility of his actions synched with 'Nude' are perfect for a Midday Madness Cure. In an episode few of new releases, one stands out from the rest, described as "heartache for the dancefloor" by Numbers, London producer Deadboy samples Bon Iver in his latest track 'Down on Mind'. Finally, Kaleidoscope pays tribute to the late Gil Scott Heron and his wealth of music in Golden Oldies, noting how adaptable his spoken word music was over the decades. Music from Arcade Fire, Nouvelle Vague, Sun Glitters also feature.

Love the girl with Kaleidoscope eyes xx

Posted at 21:17, 31st July 2011


Devils Haircut
Beck Geffen
The Breeders 4AD
I Would Die 4 U
Prince Warner Bros.
High Hopes
Onra ft. Reggie B All City
Good Times
Vanilla Unsigned
Love a Cover
Just Can't Get Enough
Nouvelle Vague Peacefrog
Down On My Mind
Deadboy Numbers
Heart of Fools Gold
dose Unsigned
Midday Madness Cure
Radiohead XL
Une Année Sans Lumière
Arcade Fire Rough Trade
Golden Oldies
The Bottle
Gil Scott Heron ft. Brian Jackson Strata-East
Me And The Devil
Gil Scott Heron XL
NY Is Killing Me
Gil Scott Heron and Jamie XX XL
Things Are
Sun Glitters Unsigned

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