"somethin is better than nothin"

kaleidoscope // 1300-1500 08.06.11

last year's summer kisses

For the last few days Glasgow has been basking in glorious sunshine and sweltering temperatures. Inevitably, 'Our Dear Green Place' gets swamped by pasty bodies on every grassy park spot available and there isn't a bun left on the supermarkets shelves for your crispy BBQ delights. I find that when thoughts turn to summer so does your music selection. My colleague talked of how she had packed away her winter coats and had brought her summer wardrobe down from the attic, I'd apply that same sentiment to my music collection. The dreary winter tones were subbed in with the more uplifting, "spring in your step" beats for the fresh months of March and April. Now it's time to unwind, grab a cool drink and enjoy music fit for a postcard of memories in moments where we find ourselves dreaming of the months ahead spent travelling, relaxing and feeling that city heat that comes but once a year.

Last June I finished the show by making a Summer tape, an a & b side at 45 minutes each to capture my outlook for the months ahead...on a personal note it's funny to remember how this was all entangled with the possibility of Summer love, again, it's a charming sentiment that can only ever possess your heart at this time of the year. Whilst sitting in the sun, the mixtape from this episode came on, it's nice to look back and see how the show has progressed a year on, how songs from the playlist have taken on new meaning or hold new memories but either way, it's humbling to know that this particular selection of songs still induce the same excitement for the hazy, lazy days of the Summer months that are just around the corner.

Love the girl with Kaleidoscope eyes xx

Posted at 13:42, 25th May 2012


Something is better than nothing
Tashaki Miyaki Unsigned
You Gave 2 Me
Galapagos Absent Fever
Too Much MIDI (Please Forgive Me)
Ford & Lopatin Mexican Summer
If You Want To Reach Me (Gwilym GoId Remix)
Bullion Bronze
Oh, Why
Balam Acab Tri Angle
Summer Mixtape // A Side
Sundown Syndrome
Tame Impala Modular
Summer Holiday
Wild Nothing Captured Tracks
When The Sun Don't Shine
Best Coast Mexican Summer
Party Talk
Craft Spells Captured Tracks
You and I
Washed Out ft. Caroline Polachek Adult Swim
To The Lighthouse
Memoryhouse Arcade Sound
The Wilhelm Scream
James Blake Atlas
Purity Ring Mexican Summer
The Haste
Casa del Mirto Keep It Yours
High Hopes
Onra ft. Reggie B All City
Gold Panda Ghostly International
Summer Mixtape // B Side
Washington School
Atlas Sound 4AD
In Love With Dusk
Keep Shelly in Athens Forest Family
Girls Fantasy Trashcan
Funeral Song
Minks Captured Tracks
May I Walk With You?
Star Slinger Unsigned
The Look
Metronomy Because
Toro Y Moi Carpark
Jealous of Roses
Bibio Warp
The Key
StewRat Unsigned
Seapony Double Denim
Walk In The Park
Beach House Bella union
Moon Colours
Two Bicycles Crash Symbols
Kaleidoscope Summer Kisses
Feel It All Around
Washed Out Mexican Summer

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