kaleidoscope // 1500-1700 09.01.12

feelings 4 u // 2012

The girl with kaleidoscope eyes skips into 2012 to the beat of La Sera's 'Please Be My Third Eye'. January blues are blasted away with a mix of old gems - The Kinks 'Victoria' and Blondie's 'Denise' - and enticing new favourites. A toast to the future is given by the half hour 'Feelings 4 U' mix, gesturing to a sense of closure with a nod to all the good things to come through shimmering sound waves. A Japanese highlight arrives in the form of 'Sakura' by Caves, a true new years recharge that will have your fingertips poised over 'repeat' while traditional random thoughts and musings can be found in between.

Posted at 13:55, 12th February 2012


Please Be My Third Eye
La Sera Hardly Art
The Kinks Pye
Where We Go
Seapony Hardly Art
Yung Life Unsigned
Grimes 4AD
Blondie Chrysalis
Girls True Panther Sounds
Beach Fossils Captured Tracks
Lizzy Come Back To Life
TV Girl Unsigned
Feel Flows
Slow Magic Unsigned
Fay Has The Song But I Have The Author
GUIDES Unsigned
Fear of Men Unsigned
Feelings 4 U // the girl with Kaleidosocpe eyes mix
Naminé Life Aquatic
Saturn Valley
Dreams West Unsigned
I'm Alone Child
fthrsn Speaker Snacks Recs
Some Love (Brothertiger Remix)
A Lull Mush
Nishio (GUIDES Remix)
Lemâitre Unsigned
Feelings 4 U
Dreams Absent Fever
Trust Fall (Jensen Sportag Remix)
Madi Diaz Cascine
She's Not There
The Zombies Decca
Third Wave
Word Drugs Unsigned
Giraffage Unsigned
New Years Re-charge
Caves 6 Bit Collective
Mountain Range Unsigned
The End/The Credits
Lee Bannon Sacramento
Now That I'm Real
Chad Valley Captured Tracks
Brothertiger Mush
I Don't Want Love
The Antlers Transgressive
Another Girl
Jacques Greene LuckyMe

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