kaleidoscope // 1500-1700 12.03.12


This week Kaleidoscope breaks with tradition by introducing a guest - Cur$es - to the subcity studio. Cur$es - aka Niall Morris - hails from Glasgow, so a chat about the city seems apt, as well as an insight into his musical background. His sounds are underscored by a fusion of influences, made more impressive by their origin - Cur$es was developed in Morris' room. He discusses the finer details during the show as well as taking over this weeks half-hour mix. Kaleidoscope is also treated to an exclusive first play of Cur$es 'Girlfriend'.

New music from other sources allows for a determinedly fresh feel as Beach House, Fort Romeau, and Nite Jewel's tracks are given a spin. Kaleidoscope does not disappoint by playing some older gems at the same time: the forever catchy Uptown Top Ranking by Althea & Donna is preceded by the influential Sexual Healing by Marvin Gaye.

This experiment could signal further shows of this ilk to follow; your thoughts and feedback are more than welcome! Like, message and get exclusives over on the facebook page -

- Christine


Cur$es free downloads (as discussed on the show)

Posted at 18:05, 1st April 2012


Still Left With Me
Craft Spells Captured Tracks
One Second of Love
Nite Jewel Secretly Canadian
Dreams 6 Bit Collective
Dark Sea
Cur$es Unsigned
Lemonade True Panther
Celista Unsigned
Cur$es Unsigned
Say Something
Fort Romeau 100% Silk
Cur$es exclusive first play
Cur$es Unsigned
Cur$es Mix
Come Softly
Grouper Yellow Electric
Alicia Keys ft. Drake J
I Hate Myself
Lil B BasedWorld
Ready For The World (xxy re-edit)
How To Dress Well White Label
Balam Acab Tri Angle
Hologram (Salem remix)
These New Puritans Domino
Interleave With You
WIN WIN ft. Alexis Taylor Vice
Castles in the Sky (Cur$es edit)
Ian Van Dahl Nulife
Everything I am
Kanye West Roc-A-Fella
Sexual Healing
Marvin Gaye Columbia
I Walk
Mister Lies Unsigned
Beach House Sub Pop
Uptown Top Ranking
Althea & Donna frontline
The Kids Were Wrong
Memoryhouse Sub Pop
Where Did You Go?
StewRat Unsigned
Synchronous Bloom
Thrupence Unsigned
Let's Go
James and Evader Gold Robot
You Know You Like It
Aluna George Super
Berlin Vinyl Find
Just Around
Sound Stream Hardwax

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