The most recent episode for this show was broadcast on the 10th May 2009

...And the Lights Go Out

Just Right Up Your Cup of Tea ... // 1700-1800 08.02.09

and the lights go out

Well HIYA,

This weeks show was cut early due to the generator for the bulding being turned of by some nincompoops. None the less, the tracklist has been done for this week so you can see where we got to before plunging into a relatively unnverving and silent darkness.


David and Gareth JRUYCOTS xxx

Posted at 19:18, 10th February 2009


Sister Ray
The Velvet Underground Verve
Dirty Lives
Love As Laughter Sub Pop
Les Filles, C'est fait...
Charlotte Leslie Musiques Hybrides
Healthy Choice
Jon Brion Nonesuch
Little Acorns
Leila ft. Khemahl and Thaon Richardson Rephlex
Right Here
Samon Kawamura ft. Oh No Nesola
Place 54
Hocus Pocus Decca International

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