The most recent episode for this show was broadcast on the 10th May 2009

Somebody Messed Up

Just Right Up Your Cup of Tea ... // 1600-1700 22.02.09

somebody messed up

more agressive than the pilot for gavin nd stacy, more radical than the season finale, JRUYCOTS' debut on fm radio was unmissable: loadsa swearin'.

lubz gzax dzax

Posted at 19:12, 25th February 2009


Beat Konducta Pias
Transboulogne Express
Birdynamnam Has Been
Theme De Yoyo
The Cinematic Orchestra Ninja Tune
I Saw You
Yacht Tomlab
Japanther Deleted Art
Spinal Scratch
Thomas Bangalter Thrive
Dosh Anticon
Sickfit (Instrumental)
Madvillian Stones Throw
Little Mistakes
Lucky Dragons Lucky Dragons
Needle in the Camel's Eye
Brian Eno Polydor
Erase You (Puppy To Your Side 12" Edit)
ESG White Label
Lovin In The Red (Second Version)
Theoretical Girls Acute
Tacky Entrance Music
Jon Brion OST
La Dernière Pluie
Emily Loizeau Fargo
Healing Vibrations
AmmonContact Ninja Tune
Trains Across The Sea
Silver Jews Drag City

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