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Erol Alkan, Garibadli's, and the Scilly Isles

Just Right Up Your Cup of Tea ... // 1700-1800 02.11.08

erol alkan, garibadli's, and the scilly isles

Silly wee men that we are, the show didn't actually start until pretty much 10 minutes in with a lovely morcel (Jo) from Mr. Oizo's new album, Lamb's Anger. Supoib little ditty followed by us nervously getting our hands on alien dials which we don't know how to use properly so it was, as the critic David Bennente admitted, "a literal and metaphoric pile of horse jobby in terms of production and chat". As a result we are away to work out our respective problems including us talking over each other, Gary's gastro-enteritis and my disappearing voice.

We will be back next Sunday at 5pm, hopefully on better form to play you a tantalising selection of oddities and to tell you a little bit about our up-and-coming-mini-music-documentaries and the way the Erol Alkan exemplar was (shockingly) NOT an was just a wee taster of whats coming...


Davy xxxx

Posted at 23:47, 3rd November 2008


Mr Oizo F Communications
Lindstrom & Prins Thomas Feedelity
Wilco Nonesuch
Oh, Good Grief
Vince Guaraldi Trio Warner Bros.
Caribou Merge
Rock On
Jackson & his computer band Warp
Oh!/And It Was a Shame That The Plastic "1" Topple
A Moustache French Disko
Dans Le Metro
The Bear and The Fox French Disko
Erol Alkan Radio 1
The Avalanches Modular
Profanity Prayers
Beck XL
Music Label
Camille Sauvage Montparnasse 2000

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